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Monday, October 24, 2016

Climatologists predicted a frightening rise in global sea level until the end of the century

In the XXI century, global sea level could rise by 3.5 metres, thereby having a major impact on coastal cities. This was stated by Leonid Zhindarev, Chairman of the working group “Sea coasts” of the Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

photo: pixabay.com

According to him, the rise in sea level of 3.5 m provided one of the three main projections made by climatologists. Two other scenarios imply growth of 1-1. 5 meters and less than no meter, respectively. In this case the most probable is considered to be “average” option. To date, the Global sea level rises an average of 3 millimeters per year, but the speed of its rise over time is greatly increased.

The first consequences of rising water will be felt by coastal cities. As explained climatologist, climate change leads to a reduction of the coastline and the disappearance of beaches which are not only the place, but and “natural fortifications” protecting the coast. After the disappearance of beaches on the coast begin to crumble. Now such threaten the Kaliningrad oblast and St Petersburg. As the only possible way of dealing with the process of disappearance of the beaches Leonid Zhindarev called artificial restoration of the shoreline.

The scientist said that the sea level rise associated with rising air temperature, especially manifested in the Northern hemisphere. Zhindarev urged not to write off global warming solely on human influence. According to him, the share of industrial carbon dioxide emissions is small compared to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and absorbed by the ocean, and the cyclic warming and cooling is a natural process. Moreover, according to Gandarewa, in the future, the Earth is waiting for the arrival of a new little ice age.


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