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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What caused the sharp statements of the Iranian Minister to the Russian military

Rare undiplomatic public rebuke Russia has received from the Minister of defense of Iran. “The share of bragging and arrogant behavior” – these words he described the comments of the Russian colleagues about the use of the Iranian airbase of our HQs. What caused a very sharp statement of the head of the Iranian defense Ministry and how it can be justified?

The sudden spat between Moscow and Tehran, has forced the Russian aircraft to leave the air base at Hamadan. Experts seem strange that Iran is suddenly interrupted such a seemingly promising military cooperation with Russia. It is unclear whether the reason the real differences between our countries or internal political pressure that was exerted on the Iranian military.

“Maybe saying Dehgan is a stone in the garden of the IRIS, because with the Russian military on Syria mainly interact kirovtsa. They are there and are fighting on the side of Assad”

We will remind, on Monday morning, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan unexpectedly expressed his outrage at the fact that Moscow allegedly without the knowledge of Tehran reported on the use of air bases in Iran for bombing targets in Syria. Dehgan still noted that cooperation with Moscow and Damascus will continue. “Russian, of course, want to demonstrate that they are a superpower and influential state, and that they play an active role in security issues in the region and the world. In respect of the use of Iranian bases is the share of bragging and arrogant behaviour,” said Hossein Dehgan, Iranian TV, told Deutsche Welle.

Shortly thereafter, a representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry said that the Russian military has suspended the use of an air base in Hamadan. Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan of jagaran day confirmed “to Interfax” that the Russian military base left, and suggested that the Russian aerospace forces will be able to resume operations with the Iranian base Hamadan are now only a decision of the heads of the two States. Spoke about the reasons for stopping use base and the defense Ministry.

However, on August 20, as recently as Saturday, Hossein Dehghan spoke directly opposing speeches. The Minister promised that Moscow could use the airbase for as long as deemed necessary, and suggested that authorities may even provide a “Russian to use other Iranian base.”

“Program Director for Nuclear nonproliferation and Russia”, PIR Center Andrey baklitskiy admits that in the background of the “unprecedented” statement Dehgan may be felt the political element. According to the expert, if the information about the appearance of the Russians in Hamadan really hit the press without a nod to Tehran, it could cause trouble to the government of Iran within the country.

“The issue of sovereignty is quite sensitive. And since the word got out in the information field is incomplete, then for some time I had to explain that we are not talking about a permanent deployment of Russian troops that the base will only be used as airfields,” baklitskiy said the newspaper VIEW. At the same time, the expert reminded, Dehgan still confirmed the possibility to share Hamadan in the future.

Strange project from Massachusetts

Recall that the first arrival of the Russians in Hamadan said the participants of the international project Worldwide Warfare (according to the registration information, the site is located in Massachusetts, USA). Twitter this project on Monday evening, August 15, was posted photos of the Russian bombers, which, as follows from the caption to the photo, “prepared for strikes on terrorists in Syria.”

About the project little is known, but his message appeared in press, causing a sensation. So, in February the newspaper VIEW spread the news from Worldwide Warfare that military equipment of Saudi Arabia crossed the border of Jordan and heads to Syria. Recording along with the video was posted about midnight on Tuesday. Judging by the pictures, they could be done by someone from the staff of the airbase. Soon the sensational news appeared on the Arab portal Al-Masdar News, and then it disseminated by the press of the world.

Russian military expert, who requested anonymity, told the newspaper VIEW that the project Warfare Worldwide, likely associated with the defense Ministry of Iran. “In Russia, such projects are not, in other countries it is common. Several of these resources are not only in Iran but also in Iraq. They are clearly affiliated with the Ministry of defense of Iran. If you look carefully at their Twitter, it is easy to detect”, – said the source, suggesting that the information leakage for some reason, was allowed by the Iranian military.

“Infuriated” at conservatives

Only after the leak, on the morning of 16 August, the Russian defense Ministry confirmed the fact of use of the air base. On August 17, the Iranian Parliament about this stormy debates. In the history of the Islamic Republic, established in 1979, there was no precedent for the use of its territory by foreign armed forces. Member of the Commission on national security and foreign policy Heshmatollah Falahatpishe protested, saying that it violates the Iranian Constitution, prohibiting the establishment of foreign military bases on the territory of the country, even for peaceful purposes, reported by the portal “Newsroom”.

“The proposal to give Russia the infrastructure of the airbase Hamadan has irritated the conservative part of the Iranian Parliament”, – explained “Kommersant” a senior researcher in the Center for the study of the Middle East Institute of Oriental studies Lana Ravandi-Fadai. She recalled that to appease the conservatives had the speaker of the Parliament Ali Larijani, has explained: it is not about creating a Russian military base, and the use of the airport in Hamadan solely for the implementation of the flights of Russian aviation in Syria.

Iranist Karine Gevorgyan connects sharp change in the position of the Minister with some serious political theater.” “Only one Dehgan no authority to say such things. This decision (to provide the basis) was taken at a higher level, at the level of the President, and the President is not the head of state. Accordingly, this question could not be reconciled with the Supreme Council of the ayatollahs and Ayatollah Khamenei. This solution was prepared long ago. Actually Russian planes there in the last year have landed,” said Gevorgyan the newspaper VIEW, adding, however, that the earlier the base was not used videoconferencing on this scale.

The analyst did not rule out that the behavior of the Minister caused by some behind the scenes conflict of the Ministry of defense and the IRGC (Islamic revolutionary guard Corps). “Iran is really the spirit of opposition. It is a politically active country. Maybe saying Dehgan is a stone in the garden of the IRIS, because with the Russian military on Syria mainly interact kirovtsa. They are there and are fighting on the side of Assad,” – said the expert.

Russia for a short period used the Hamadan in terms of operating procedures, any material lease of this base in the state Duma did not arrive, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Sergei Zhigarev. According to Zhigarev, Hamadan was used in partnership for a short period”. “Our Iranian colleagues and partners, we have provided it voluntarily. As soon as the need for it has disappeared – we flew,” said RIA “Novosti” Zhigarev. He stressed that “it is an ordinary military cooperation”. “And Russia has never stated that we need air force base. No tragedy in the fact that we used it, and no tragedy that we have gone with her now, no,” the MP added.

Gave Russia “news coverage”

Associate Professor of political science and sociology REU named after Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev generally not inclined to accept at face value an unexpected attack Hossein Dehghan in Moscow.

“The Americans were preparing information diplomatic blow, if you are going to accuse Russia in violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council. And because we turned the use of the air base and Iran’s defence Minister played on the public, depicting the existence of differences. Thus gave our action news coverage”, – suggested the expert in interview to the newspaper VIEW.

Unlike MP, it’s a pity that the base had to leave. “It’s not just about fuel savings and less wear of equipment, but also on the physical resources of the pilot, said Perendzhiev. Pilots are less tired if they have no need to travel long distances to Syria, and this is a very serious factor in military aviation. Therefore, there is a possibility to increase the intensity of flights and bombings,” – said the military expert. In addition, Perendzhiev assumes that during use of the air base at Hamadan, the Russian military could acquaint Iranians with our technique, to teach the basics of its service, which in any case might be useful.

However, the Russian foreign Ministry on Monday reiterated that Moscow does not need the permission of the UN security Council on the use of Iranian bases.

The former commander of the 4th air army of air force and air defense Lieutenant-General Valery Gorbenko recalls that the departure from Hamadan dramatically increases for our aviation range of approach and, consequently, reduce the bomb load of the aircraft. Recall that the maximum combat load TU22M3 is 24 tons, and the average combat load of the su-34 eight tons.

“If Iran is the database to use the same airfields in Russia, the range of approach on average doubled. Accordingly, approximately two times reduced bomb load, – said Gorbenko newspaper VIEW. For long-range supersonic bomber TU22M3 and fighter-bomber su-34. Both these aircraft were used for flights with Iran”.


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