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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Unusual role of Larisa Udovichenko: Professor freezes people

“Could you pose for me in front of a statue of the great composer Johann Strauss?” I asked people’s artist of Russia Larisa Udovichenko, when ended our interview in a famous Viennese Park.

With great pleasure, ” replied the eminent companion. – Especially since my career began with Strauss. After all, the first film in which I got the role was the musical Comedy “Bat”.

Photo — Boris Tosunyan

– I know that now you have become a fan of intellectual cinema, and… of Brazilian soap operas, which is popularly known as soap operas. The movie “Elysium in Hernals” in which you are currently starring in Vienna, which of these genres closer? – this was my first question to the actress, which account for 128 works 128 projects.

Closer, of course, to the intellectual, as my daughter says, for an existential movie. I have not looked in the dictionary did not interpret this word. But I think it means the author’s cinema, which is not something that strange, but with a unique view on a common situation. It is, on the one hand, banal, and none on the other. I’d say, just a little as though over life.

– You consider yourself a positive actress. The role that you got, is a continuation of the previous one?

– Is quite another. Thank the Director that he allowed me to look and to enhance the humor is in principle far from the humor of the scenario about Professor that used to freeze people for the future, so that they then can be cured. Meanwhile, there’s a wonderful sense of humor, which does not tear the throat, he really is adorable. Today I was waiting for one scene where my character wears a white robe glasses, offering his patient to drink cognac, but the rehearsal was cancelled because of the illness of the Director. On the other hand, I may be glad she is moved, will still be able to spend an extra day in the city, where she was born.

– Tell me that you were born in Vienna, and it helps during the filming?

– Does not help. I just it was born and lived for only a year. However, now, many years later, I realized that I had the honor to be born in the greatest city on earth: beauty, social security, medicine, nature, ecology, products and much more. I am proud to born in such a place.

Photo — Boris Tosunyan

– How did you were in the Austrian film?

– By accident. The Director’s wife is Russian. Not so long ago, Vienna was the festival of Russian cinema, the show was my picture, and the wife of my future employer gave me a very good feature. The Director, fortunately, she believed. He sent me several times to rewrite the script. My character not only deals with the treatment, but, as I said, preparing people for future life. But for me, it was character – this way I never played. There is a text, a six-page monologue. And he’s so convoluted that I understood – for a reason. When absorbed in the contents, it became clear that each sentence played my role. And here I have this difficult text, translated into our language, tried to learn, because there is no logic straight, and there are some lace. I had someone from my Moscow actors said that you suffer, tell me in your own words, you anyway will duplicate in the German and in Russian, nobody will understand. I said no, I will not speak my own words I would say, as written, because then it would be easier to create an image. And as a result will be more interesting when such details she tells. Professor, of course, sometimes brings, but the logic in her reasoning yet, upon closer examination, there is.

– You always say in the foreign movies in Russian language?

In this case, and not tried to learn the role in German. The fact that he had once made a mistake. Filmed recently in Italy. Learned their words in the Italian language, fortunately my daughter speaks fluent and some of them, I confess, managed to screw up. I applaud and say: now it all say in Russian.

– In Soviet times, you claim in one of the interviews, was the professionalism of those who helps the actors. In today’s Russia has become less. But as is the case in Austria?

– In Italy, in this respect, as I noted, more professionalism, especially in makeup. Make-up artist needs to see the face and reveal his identity. However, I’m so glad I was invited to visit the beautiful Vienna, that such trifles tend not to pay attention. Decided that she’ll pokrasovatsya.

Vienna really is a beautiful, but here, in such a safe place has its problems, for example, associated with refugees. In Vienna yet, though all this is, but France has forbidden to appear in the pools and on the beaches in Muslim swimwear, the so-called burqini…

– I’m such bans do not approve of. Let the women of the East float, what is required by their religion.

Photo — Boris Tosunyan

– Recently learned from an Opera singer from Russia, who often performs at the Vienna state Opera, Aida Garifullina, that during a tour in an Arab country she was asked not to go on stage with bare hands. What would to do if you have been contacted by the organizers of the tour?

– I am, fortunately, not particularly concerned, I’m still an actress and rarely go on stage, but if there is such a law, I think, need to abide by it. In another monastery do not go with their Charter.

– In Italy, where he lives and your daughter studies, other religion – football. How feel about him?

– Football is the intensity of emotions when watching the actions of the players, with bated breath. But I usually only watch the big tournaments: world and European Championships, when are the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. However, I have one feature: usually rooting for a weak team, I want to see it , she won.

– Watched events at the Olympics in Brazil?

Unfortunately, did not have time due to filming, and the reports here were not in our language. Would be in Moscow, would look on TV.

But you actually sports person?

– I am, alas, too lazy how can I be a sports person.

– However, the puck impenetrable in the past Tretiak, I remember, threw into the ice rink red square…

– Abandoned, I admit, but Vlad, to be honest, I resisted, because according to the script, which was invented by a French operator, I had to win this duel.

– You often think about the sweet you heart vein. And the family has preserved the history of that period?

“There are, but since dad was a military doctor, and they have in hospitals has always been for medical needs during the war and in the postwar years, the alcohol, the story will be with an alcoholic slant. I have an older sister. We lived near Vienna, where there were military units of the red army, and dad sent her for a beer. And eight-year-old girl was carrying two bottles of the mantle, walked through the woods, through the meadow, but in the last meters began to dance, whirl. The result – in the eyes of his father, who was watching her approach, he dropped and smashed what he was looking forward to. There are, of course, and history to another topic. Here is one: I was in the USSR stroller bought in Vienna, but for some reason I, a fool, not like the imported item, so the parents had to carry me on hands, and an empty baby carriage drove around.

– What would you have now taken to Russia from Austria that you like it very much in terms of creativity?

– I would take an eight-hour day. Just grabbed him and brought him to his home. And, of course, two days a week. People in my profession are allowed to rest and not force them to work in bondage, causing them to forget even about his family. It is impossible to play 12 hours every day, without days off.

P. S. a few days later, when the Director and he is the producer recovered, I was invited to the set, where he was able to ask some questions Bernhard Camelu.

– In Russia, Larisa Udovichenko is very popular, and if you can with a new movie to make her famous in Austria?

– For me personally it has long been a great actress, but your tape of our people, unfortunately, rarely sees, so I’m afraid you will not be able to promise that this one film will make her famous in the Alpine Republic. Besides, in truth, the film for a narrow circle of audience, I would say, connoisseurs of the grotesque, and not for the Austrian audience it is intended.

– And for what?

– For the world.

– How do you like the work of our famous actress?

– Great! Larisa Udovichenko played exactly as I imagined when I invited her for the role of professors.



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