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Friday, March 16, 2018

The government again poradel for railwaymen

“The government has come up with a way to increase sales of domestic cars”. This stunning “lightning” on Tuesday flew literally all the news, breaking into top news the largest domestic search engine.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Let us understand what is so wonderful officials came up with. On the official portal of the government placed the order of August 19, 2016 No. 1733-R. it Appears that this bill, which proposed 2017 “to exempt organizations from paying property tax in respect of vehicles if they are manufactured after January 1, 2013. In order to “stimulate the development of transport engineering”, the fall of the deputies of the new Duma will contribute in article 381 (“Tax benefits”) of the Tax code special amendments.

People gasped and froze in anticipation of cries of “Bravo!”. Well, it’s finally happened. Now begins the break. Demand for Lada, Renault, Hyundai, assembled in Russia, will take off.

I want to say. Dear government, stop messing with people. Not so shamelessly exploit trumped-up PR campaign. Especially if she lobbied very specific to rail carriers, manufacturers of locomotives and wagons.

However, everything in order. Now the majority of Russian organizations tax for movable property (not to be confused with the transport tax. — “MK”), for example for cars or trucks do not pay. Paragraph 25 referred to article 381 of the NC without any laws allow companies in respect of movable property taken on the account from January 1, 2013″ don’t do this. Many took advantage of, shifting three years ago, their transport from one structure to another. However, the article contained a couple of exceptions. It was impossible to avoid paying if the transport were transferred between related structures. The bill repeals these limitations.

Anyway, due to the nature of the railway industry in a similar way, could not do major carriers. For the IRS they are the main supplier of this fiscal collection. How many railroad sure to pay, is not known. In FNS has informed that “the rate of property of organizations includes everything, including buildings and land”. To isolate out supposedly anything is possible.

So be it. But a new bill in a strange way brought out the cars, locomotives, and agricultural equipment produced in 2013 and later, from under the tax burden. In this regard, probably not by accident on the portal of the government bundled together with a not published explanatory note, which usually contains the economic justification of the document. In this case it would be written: so many companies paid so much taxes, according to the groups of movable property. Accordingly, the money amount they will additionally buy a number of different vehicles. Obviously, the cars unlike the cars of this Novella the weather does not do.

Nobody will flood the domestic industry orders for the purchase of new cars, trucks, buses, trams…

Speaking of trams. On 18 August at the government meeting it was announced that the producers of trams and trolleybuses from the Federal budget allocated a subsidy of 1 billion rubles. “It is clear what it is in order to in the cities were more normal modern vehicles, public transport, — said the Prime Minister Medvedev. Well, the producers will sell it at a discount”. Will purchase all over the country as many as 80 trolleybuses and 30 trams. But how much noise.

What to say. Hello, choices!


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