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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The capital’s filmmakers tasted “24 snow Yakut cinema

Symbols of Yakutia for many years was the diamonds and mammoths. Now there’s a new brand — the Yakut cinema, and witnessed what took place in the Republic of Sakha IV international film festival.

A scene from the movie “snow 24”.

In the local Museum of a mammoth once visited by Vladimir Putin. He became interested in the idea of cloning extinct animals. Museum Director Semyon Grigoryev says that being a joint development with Korean scientists in the coming years mammoths still cloned. For what? Here is the answer of the scientist: “Kids roll”. The Museum houses the world’s only the trunk of an adult mammoth with miraculously surviving muscle tissue, his age — 28 800 years. Scientists even tried mammoth meat had lain for millennia in the permafrost, say delicious. But diamonds are exhibited in the Treasury of the Republic of Sakha plates, and it is also an unforgettable sight. Now to the “Golden reserve” of the Republic has increased young and energetic movie, popular world festivals from Korea Busan to Los Angeles, where will soon leave the Yakut winner — the film “My murderer” Costas Marsan. The winners were presented snow goggles, a sample of which is kept in the Treasury of Yakutia. They are made in the form of the constellation URSA major, and attached to him a tiny diamond symbolizes the North star.

Hearing about the Yakutian kinosian finally sunk to Moscow that stirred our husbands from cinematography, held in Yakutsk, the pitching, is actively engaged in the festival. Director of Buryatia Zhargal of Badmatsyrenova noticed from the stage: “Yakut cinema differs from the Buryat active support at the local level. Large and important uncle of Moscow thanks to the Yakut cinema weird”. And in response I heard: “all Drilled accurately expressed”. That would be about a Russian Director or producer, someone from the stage said something of the sort. These Russians decided the fate of the pitching participants, prize winners, of whom a million and a half rubles, of whom four, promised this sum to provide services at the final stage of filmmaking. And thanks for that. All of them are successful from the point of view of the cashier of the Lord.

Remove the Yakut cinema often very young people without education. The result is different from homegrown, made on the knee of the opus to a quite professional and foldable films. In any case, energy does not hold. It is enough and in the auditorium. The Yakuts love their movie, not only in their native language, but Russian. Penny, the picture becomes a blockbuster, beating the local rental sub-crumbs at times. Budgets are impressive: Procopius Burtsev film “ferrum” for 8 million rubles.

Several prizes at the festival was Yakut documentary film “snow 24” Pro breeder Sergei, his appearance reminiscent of the American cowboy. Only he lives in the permafrost. By the way, recently he was injured — he threw a horse, and who knows what will happen now with his wards.

Local restaurateur, traveler and a big fan of the movie, Egor Makarov, invested in “snow 24″ own funds, ” which represents his people without a horse. He’s at every opportunity, talks about how the extreme conditions of live breeders and herders. Reindeer Glory, who came to Yakutsk from the taiga to the premiere of the American documentary “Cold frontier” Mikael Strandberg recently almost died. A bear smelled the backpack can of condensed milk Fame, lashed out, tore the entire head. Directly in the forest his wound sewed up in the usual thread. Hospitals in district no. At first Yegor Makarov wanted to take on the “snow 24” European film Director. Eventually settled on Michael Barynina from Moscow, who in Yakutia did not happen. More interesting: eyes vigilantly noticed something that their not gonna pay attention. And so it happened. Life in the forest is measured in winters, and hence the snow. Hence the title of the movie. His character exactly as winters works as a breeder.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Yakut producer Yegor Makarov.

The operator of “Cold frontier” Yuri Berezhnev awarded the prize named after Ammosov Innokenty for “24 snow”, and together with his colleagues Simon and Michael Ambatovy Kardashevskiy — a special prize of the jury of the documentary competition, but not only for “snow 24” but for “Cold frontier”. “24 snow” received the “Golden snow goggles” as the best film of the documentary competition. Yuri Berezhnev worked in extreme conditions, when the frost has reached 70 degrees. The camera had all the time to warm in a special case.

The debut of “Lost” Alexei Ambrosia — Sakha version of “Survivor” with Leonardo DiCaprio. For the premiere of one elderly spectator was got from taiga on the airplane. “While this audience we have, the movie will live,” said the young Director. He made a film based on a true story — within 56 days from the taiga has got lost in the Verkhoyansk ulus young people. At the festival the picture was marked as the best film of competition of spectator sympathies.

Yakut viewers notice things other people don’t see. They think according to their traditions that can consider folk chuchundra worthless in Moscow the lady that plague the lives of friends, as it was in the contest “Cold front” Roman Volobueva. Many times there is a conversation that, moving from the forest into the city, many are unable to adapt. But taiga people do not need pity, she humiliates them. Engineering hydrologist by training, and now photographer Alexey Golubtsov met in the tundra with a 19-fly Nenets boy Grisha. On the basis of their subsequent correspondence, which lasted more than three years, and photos taken in the tundra, there was a film “Clean slate” Ainu Peredovoy and the book “the Letters of Grisha”. They saw the light after the hero was gone. Gregory wrote poems and novels, trying to live in the city. And then he was beaten. Not regaining consciousness, Gregory died. One of the staff of the boarding school told us how the children of reindeer herders from the tundra torn from their parents, ran away every spring. Had to chase them to return to the orphanage. They’ve suffered. They wanted to live in the tundra, there is the fish, which are used. Converged all-in-one can be forced to drag these people in our civilization, we must give them the opportunity to live according to the laws of their kind.

To the category of pulp fiction include two games of the Yakut paintings participating in the competition. “My killer” Costas Marsan supplied by Yakut detective classics the 70s. the Fact that the picture has received Gran-at, — an advance, a sign of support for the Yakut cinema. To compete with the Colombian film “Embrace of the serpent” Ciro Guerra, this is the first ever Colombian film nominated for “Oscar”, it is difficult. While in Yakutsk, he was noted only for best Director, aspiring filmmakers need to understand that it’s an uphill battle in the profession, depth of thought. “My killer” took a very energetic people, and only some 70-80 thousand dollars. Their Moscow colleagues for the same amount and not lift a finger. “Ferrum” Procopius Burtsev from the category of so-called guerrilla movie. Artist Sergey Yegorov, the main role the Director took because he had a car. A student of the Yakut artistic Director of the festival and the famous Yakut theater. Oyunsky, which became the main festival venue, Andrei Borisov Sergey graduated from the Arctic Institute of culture and arts, starred in the Borisova “Secret of Chingis Haan”, and is now engaged in business. Procopius Burtsev says: “I am a philologist by education. When there is no money, you specializiruetsya on short films. I never studied, except for their shorts. There was no money. Someone will ride with you for free, someone else is going to help. And worked. Missed the pre-crisis 8 thousand dollars. Only artists I immediately paid, as they are the most disenfranchised people. We had five men on the court. The limitation is due to the fact that the car fits five people.”


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