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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The call for the impeachment of Putin is not attractive to the voter

Started the campaign period before the elections to the state Duma, near the metro stations there were tents with symbols of the candidates on Federal channels were the first televised debates. Very soon — on September 18 — we learn, will come if the voters in the precinct or beat a humiliating procedures for the democratic candidate “will Not go to vote”, overshadowing their achievement winners of prizes in the electoral race.

photo: kremlin.ru

In recent years, occurred last. The turnout in the elections to the Moscow city Duma in 2014 did not reach 21%. Single voting day 2015, showed a very mixed picture: there was 92% in the Kemerovo region, and 20% in Arkhangelsk.

Turnout, as we know, was canceled, but once in the Federal election he was fifty percent, since it is believed that if the elections come less than half of the people that elected authority is not entirely legitimate.

A summer poll showed that about the upcoming election knows a third of Russians. Knowledgeable on elections promise to come 33% of respondents. Another 18% are thinking on this subject, and the rest to be collected. In order to mobilize the thinking and not planning, and you need the campaign period. What he gives us yet?

Monday’s debates it seemed to me, to put it mildly, powerless. Candidates commented on the idea of each other with the words “this is nonsense, and it was hard to disagree. Sounded original proposal from the opposition party to impeach Putin, but its representative was unable to explain why. However, there is a quirk of fate in the opening round of debates the brightest players of the upcoming race were not included.

Worse than the other. A debate at an inconvenient time at the end of the day, and to find a record of these transfers in the Network is not yet possible. In a 14-second Intro. But, according to the most recent opinion poll, only 24% of respondents said they do not want to watch them. The rest somehow would like the debate to take a look. Most it added: “if you stumble on them” (47%), “if you find on the Internet or if I get time.

However, the debate before the 2011 elections is also not particularly inspired, and the turnout exceeded 60%. But then to mobilize voters for the glory of work of civil society. It seemingly split in two, but played in the overall basket. Some activists caught passers-by and urged not to go to the polls, and to put the signature for the recognition of voting invalid. On the grounds that part of the opposition parties did not get seats on the ballot. Others (including the opposition) argued that is necessary to come, otherwise check in your newsletter will supply for you. Or encouraged to come to the stations, but to carry the newsletter home. In sum, the supporters of the opposite ideas it warmed up the interest of the voter: “I’ll Go and see what there is…” Debate — to go or not to go? — then turned around and on the pages of our Newspapers.

Now to boycott the elections no one calls, the opposition parties, who “flew” the last time made. And if dispute not walk to go there, therefore, and the particular of curiosity also does not arise. And it adds to the chances of the candidate “will Not go to vote”.

And that tent with glamorous images of politicians on the streets are mostly empty. For the record (but not in the Bulletin). Not near them, neither the candidates nor the fervent propagandists.

In 2013, when there has been a trend of falling turnout, the then head of the CEC Vladimir Churov “has taken in developing” several offers “MK”, extending the right to vote. Among them was to return the column “against all”. To active voters who did not find congenial candidate, could still go to the polls and participate in them. Some of our proposals were subsequently implemented. In particular, it was planned to cancel the scandalous voting at home, absentee and early voting, we proposed not to abolish, but to regulate. But the column “against all” and never returned. There are fears that the candidate “against all” will take first place in the elections. It is unlikely that this fear is justified. But the fact that increasingly, the first place in the elections a candidate will Not go to vote” — is a medical fact.


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