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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SOP Medvedev: one-time payment to retirees rated by experts

The Prime Minister again had us all fooled. Dmitry Medvedev has warned that the government decided to replace the second indexation of pensions in 2016 lump sum payment of 5 000 roubles. This handout veterans of labor should receive in January 2017, and it will be five thousand rubles. Just it will take more than 200 billion rubles, according to calculations of the government.

Will he find the money, the Finance Ministry comes second. Federal budget revenues this year, even under the most adverse circumstances, reach a minimum of 12 trillion So 200 billion can be found.

More importantly. Namely, to answer the question: which is better for a particular the pensioner to obtain maybe even the New year (January pension sometimes given ahead of time) additional 5 thousand rubles from the government or “as expected”, as indexed pensions, since August?

Must be considered. Annually to the state budget are budgeted funds for indexation of pensions, to somehow compensate for inflation. This was done twice a year: 1 February and 1 August (however, social pensions were increased April 1).

But a crisis that is not going anywhere, I made adjustments. Medvedev is not the first time is justified: “there is no Money, and you stay.” Recall that on 1 February pensions have increased by 4%, despite the fact that accumulated inflation for 2015 was reached, according to the calculations of Rosstat, at 12.9%. Means August 1 of the labour pension, the government had to index is still 8.9%.

And that’s the minimum. It’s clear that rising prices in our country is actually sharply ahead of the official data. For example, even according to the calculations of Rosstat, the price of products only from August 2014 to August 2016 rose more than 31%. And this despite the fact that the average Russian family spends on food up to 50% of their monthly expenses.

In other words, pensioners and so do not pay extra. And then decided to hold them on a starvation diet.

Of course, it requires specific calculations. Will do. Now the average pension in Russia amounted to 12,495 rubles a month. If the government, as required under the law on budget for 2016, indexed pensions by almost 9% from 1 August, the average labor veteran would receive per month from August 1, more than 1.1 thousand rubles more. That is, by 1 January next year, he would receive rubles to 500 rubles more than he promised Medvedev.

And this is not average figures. In Moscow there are city surcharges to pensions. And so they are among the highest in the country. And here is pensioner loses when the government is indexing is finished with a one-time payment in January next year. At least for the same 500 rubles.

In many regions, that is no secret, people get very very meager pensions: 6-7 thousand, How not to die of hunger, for me is not clear. Apparently, many of them help out the gardens. 5 th January payment for this kind of retired a lot. This is more than a monthly payment this year twice.

But the problem is different. If pensions are not indexed their purchasing power will only fall. And some occasional handouts will not help here.

And winning the “poor” pensioners will be minimal, and most importantly, short.

Experts of “MK”

Pavel Sigal, the first Vice-President “Support of Russia”: “one-time payment to retirees, which will be used instead of the planned indexation is not beneficial to pensioners with high pensions, and benefits of the least protected strata of the payment which are minimal.

From a political point of view, authorities receive certain dividends, as this information serves as an alternative to the abolition of indexation at year-end, which has a positive influence on the mood of the electorate in an election cycle. In a winning situation, will be retired regions, whose pensions are much more modest”.

Alexander Razuvaev, Director of analytical Department of Alpari: “In the current situation, the possibility of the Russian authorities for indexation of pensions is limited. The privatization of the leading companies in question, oil is cheap, capital markets largely closed due to sanctions.

However, from our point of view, a more correct step would be accelerated indexation of pensions. It is possible to channel both the remaining financial reserves, and, within reasonable limits, the credits of the CBR. And it is not only that Russia under the Constitution – the welfare state. Indexation of pensions is the increase in domestic demand and the Russian economy return to growth. In addition to internal demand from other sources, to improve the economy there. However, the government’s economic policy may be revised after the election. This means that the plans of the government concerning pension benefits can be changed.


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