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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sentenced for life the murderer of family in Gyumri may transfer Russia

Sentenced to the serviceman of the Russian military base in Armenia Valeria Permyakova, who killed seven people in the Armenian city of Gyumri. He will serve his life sentence, the only question is where in Armenia or Russia. In the Armenian press it is alleged that Permyakov will be sent to Russian prison, in exchange for Armenian Gracie Harutyunyan, who was convicted in Moscow in an accident with a large number of victims.

The court of General jurisdiction of Shirak region of Armenia at the meeting, which took place on the territory of the 102nd military base in Gyumri, was sentenced to life imprisonment a former member of the Russian army Valery Permyakov.

“I don’t know what is better to be in prison in Armenia, or in prison in Russia”

Mitigating circumstances the murderer of seven people was not found. The intention to appeal the verdict to the defense of the accused is announced.

May “exchange”

The question remains, exactly where he will serve his punishment Perm. Armenian newspaper “Zhoghovurd”, citing its sources, reported that it may be exchanged. Permyakov will be sent to serve a life sentence in Russia. And Armenia will go Gracie Harutyunyan. This is the driver to blame in 2013, the accident happened in New Moscow. Its loaded with crushed stone KAMAZ at full speed crashed into the bus. 18 people were killed, 40 were wounded. Harutyunyan received the maximum term provided by the criminal code for the accident that caused the death of two or more persons to seven years.

However, the legal representative of the family of Harutyunyan Eduard Aghajanian declared that he did not know exactly where he will serve his term Perm. The fact that the exchange is not confirmed in Embassy of Russia in Armenia. “At the moment we do not have such information,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Embassy Secretary Dmitry Demkin.

Lawyer Igor Trunov considers that, in this case to talk about equality or inequality of the alleged exchange Harutyunyan on Permyakov is impossible, as the very wording “exchange” is not correct. “There are international agreements that give foreigners to exchange the territory of the States whose citizens they are. Without exchanges and conditions,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

Trunov believes that if as a result of transfer Permyakova Harutyunyan or they will be changed sentences (which is extremely unlikely) this will be grounds for cancellation of corresponding international agreements.

“The idea is that keeping a prisoner is expensive. Why is the state in which the convicted person was not working, not paying taxes, not contributing to the General welfare, must contain it for the money its taxpayers? If the transferred prisoners to be exempt from punishment, then the whole point of such agreements is lost,” he said. While Trunov believes that the Armenian and Russian prison somehow differ in the mode of content. “I don’t know what is better to be in prison in Armenia, or in prison in Russia”, – said the lawyer.

The motives remained unknown

A terrible crime, which is recognized as guilty Permyakov, stirred up the whole of Armenia and almost led to international conflict. 12 Jan 2015 at about four in the morning the soldier-the conscript of the Russian 102nd military base Valery Permyakov was in the guard. For some unknown reason he withdrew from his post and taking in a machine, went into the city.

Permyakov entered in one of the houses on the street Myasnikyan, broke the glass door and opened fire on sleeping hosts – the family of the Avetisyans. Killed 53–year-old Sergei Avetisyan, his 51-year-old wife Hasmik, their children – 33-year-old son Armen, 35-year-old Aida, a 24-year-old daughter-in-law araksya, and two-year granddaughter Hasmik. With cruelty Permyakov killed six-month Sergei Avetisyan, striking him six times with a bayonet.

Then, taking the belongings of the dead, the criminal fled. He was caught trying to cross the state border of Armenia and Turkey.

The news of the crime brought thousands of residents of the cities of Armenia on the street. In Gyumri clashes with the police. People were required to judge Permyakov local court, suspecting bias on the part of Russian authorities, in whose jurisdiction, according to interstate agreements, were crimes committed by the military base in Gyumri. There were even voices demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country.

However, the Armenian opposition, usually willing to blame the President Serzh Sargsyan on all possible and impossible sins, these votes quite quickly distanced himself. Still, the people of Armenia in General understands that in conditions of the unresolved conflict with Azerbaijan and difficult relations with Turkey, a base in Gyumri is the only reliable guarantee of the country’s independence.

Impact and correct reaction of the Russian authorities. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu personally expressed his condolences in connection with the incident.

As a result of negotiations between Russia and Armenia was agreed that Permyakova will be judged according to Russian law, but the Armenian court on the territory of the Russian military unit. Thus, the letter of the Treaty on the status of the base 102 have been met. In addition, Permyakov was sentenced by a Russian court to 10 years imprisonment for desertion and the theft of weapons.

During the eight-month process of Perm has confirmed the recognition of this preliminary investigation, but could not clearly explain why he committed such a harsh crime. In response to this question invariably drew on the identity of the defendant.

Permyakov was born in Chita, grew up in the small town of Balei Zabaikalsky Krai, in the family of the pastor of the local Protestant Church. His older brother was convicted of murder. There were press reports that Permiakov was a child diagnosed with “mental retardation”, but on the court it was not confirmed. Forensic medical examination found him completely sane, although with some variations.

Found that before transfer to the base Gyumri Permyakov spent a month in the psychiatric ward of a military unit with a nervous breakdown. As reported by the portal Chita.ru, with reference to the head office of the Department of moral-psychological support of the 29th combined-arms army of Dmitry Kiselyov, the military, called Permyakova threatens court. The same applies to hospital staff who failed to recognize that their patient poses a danger to the public.

The information that Permyakov was a victim of bullying are also not confirmed. And as any committed on him the crime can justify the brutal murder of seven absolutely not familiar people, two of whom are children? We only know that Permyakov was not very disciplined soldier and once had tried to escape from the part, saying he didn’t want to serve.


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