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Monday, March 27, 2017

Scientists told how to look people in the year 3016

A group of experts from Canada, presented his Outlook on how the people will look like people in a thousand years, provided that during this time will remain the same trends and today. According to scientists, some changes are due to purely genetic factors, others by changes in climatic conditions around the world, and others – the influence of progress.

photo: pixabay.com

First, experts have suggested that “future” will be higher than today – at least, for the last half century, life expectancy grew by about 10 centimeters, and it is assumed that, at least in the near future this trend will continue.

And the next Millennium people will be higher, but “thinner” – than the slimmer it is, the less will be the total area of its surface, and therefore, it will be easier to stay cool in the face of growing global temperature. Another consequence of global warming and the amplification of ultraviolet radiation will be the fact that, on average, through many centuries, people will become more dark.

Scientists also do not exclude that for a thousand years, evolution itself can be rewarding in certain human useful mutations – perhaps, people’s eyes can distinguish hundreds of times more shades of color and their stomachs – to digest the fact that modern people can not digest.

However, as scientists assume, in the first place to determine what will people of the future will be able people. Their bodies are likely to integrate responsible for their health nanorobots and their appearance, physical and mental ability and the nature to a large extent will “out” their parents even before birth, and then “programmed” by genetics. However, such developments, according to scientists, may result in great danger – for example, in the case that all people will have the same “winning” combination of genes that will make all of humanity is vulnerable to a single virus.


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