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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian Paralympians missed in Rio

Court of arbitration for sport (CAS CAS) rejected the claim on the admission of Russian athletes for the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. All 267 licenses Russians in the Game will be redistributed. International Paralympic Committee the decision of the court satisfied, but called the incident a sad day for the Paralympic movement. In Russia are outraged by the decision and intend to challenge it.

Court of arbitration for sport (CAS, CAS) on Tuesday dismissed the claim regarding the admission of Russian athletes for the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Sad day

Unprecedented arrogance and unscrupulousness, in my head does not fit how it is possible to remove from Games people who, through their courage proved the right to a full life”

The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) is satisfied with the decision of the CASS. “We are excited that CAS has upheld the decision of the IPC. I hope that the CAS decision will be a catalyst of change in Russia and we will be able to welcome the return of PKR as a member of the IPC, – the TASS statement of the organization’s President Philip Craven. – Despite the fact that we are happy with this decision, this day is not a holiday, we sympathize with the Russian athletes. It’s a sad day for the Paralympic movement, but also the day of the beginning. The IPC will now work with the international federations over the redistribution of 267 licenses Russians to the Game.”

Craven noted that the decision of the CAS emphasizes a strong belief that doping has absolutely no place in Paralympic sport, “but also enhances our ability to ensure fair competition and equal conditions for all Paralympians,” quoted Craven, RIA “Novosti”.

Russia’s Reaction

The decision of the CAS in the Paralympics is not in the legal field, it is political, said the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko.

In turn, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture and sport Dmitry Svishchev said that CAS showed a lack of principle, rejecting the claim of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC).

Unprecedented arrogance and unscrupulousness, in my head does not fit how it is possible to remove from Games people who, through their courage proved the right to a full life. It’s just inhumane. Whatever name this court, it is inhuman court. You can punish officials, coaches, but in any case it is impossible to punish athletes; when you look at what they do, despite the hardship and severity, I take my hat – such people only respect”, – he said.

Svishchev promised that the best lawyers will defend the right of Russian Paralympic athletes to take part at the Games in Rio: “the state Duma Committee is now engaged in the study of all possible options to respond to the existing situation. We are consulting with the international Olympic Committee, the Ministry of sport, with the Paralympic Committee and our”, – told RIA “news” the fistula.

“This may be a note of protest, letters, petitions – anything. Most importantly, this situation did not remain without attention”, – said the MP.

The removal of the Russian Paralympians from performances at the 2016 Games is a politically-sports mayhem, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev.

“I believe that the international Paralympic Committee and the international Olympic Committee already quite crazy. It was still possible to explain when they were removed those who were caught doping is still possible to try to find logic, common sense, and when bulk suspending the entire team from participation in the Games… this is complete nonsense and impunity,” said R-Sport Lebedev.

“Everyone understands that our team would be favorite and would be first overall in gold. And the competition should be removed. Other ways they do not see, because in honest wrestling, we lose. So they start at such a low, mean and dirty insinuations as attempts to dismiss and to catch doping. Will prove his innocence in the competition, as did now our Olympic team in Rio,” added Lebedev.

“After the refusal of the court of arbitration for sport in participation of our Paralympic athletes in the Games should now work lawyers,” – said the MP.

Outraged by the verdict of the International Paralympic Committee and six-time Paralympic champion, member of the Executive Committee of the RCC Sergey Shilov. “The decision of the CAS I just can’t believe this,” he said. – It is difficult to find the words. It’s a strange decision based on unfounded accusations, without presenting any evidence, all just words. My opinion – this is a purely political order, which has fulfilled for all hundred percent. To remove Russia, to push it to the margins of world sport.”

Eight-time Paralympic champion, Russian swimmer Oksana Savchenko said the decision to CAS shocking.

“Many of the Paralympians these four years of training just drop out of life. I do not exclude that this is due to the fact that we occupy a leading position over the past years,” she said in the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Still can not get

The CAS decision can be challenged only in case of procedural violations, said sports lawyer Mikhail Prokopets. “From the press release it follows that RCC did not provide any evidence that the decision of the IPC is unwarranted,” said TASS Prokopets. – It is obvious that the IPC may restrict the membership of its members if deemed that he had violated some principles. I do not see any point in further actions of the RCC, they should be aimed at remedying the situation as a whole. To gather all the stakeholders and to understand where to go further.”

“Paralympics athletes will not fall. To appeal the decision of CAS is possible only in Swiss Federal court on procedural violations if they were. This is quite rare,” concluded Prokopets.

The unexpected decision

Prior to that, the source familiar with the situation said that the likely decision of the CAS to allow Russia to Paralympics high. “The hearings were held in a rather positive way, on the basis of received information it is possible to give a positive Outlook: solution with high probability will be in favor of the Russian athletes,” – said the source.

We will remind, on 7 August President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Philip Craven said that the Russian team will not compete at the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro the results of the investigation of facts from the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren. According to Craven, Russia has 21 days to challenge the decision.

Later, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, first Vice-President of PKR Pavel Rozhkov said that the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) and the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) signed an Arbitration agreement, which is directed to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS).

He also said that “until you change the whole system,” Russia will not be able to include participants under the auspices of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), even “clean” athletes.

The IPC also did not rule out the revision of the results of the Paralympic games in Sochi in 2014. The Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko said that the decision of the IPC unprecedented – not clear on what it is based.

The President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin said that the vast majority of Russian Paralympic athletes absolutely clean in terms of doping.

Paralympic Committee of Russia filed a statement to law enforcement authorities to investigate the situation with accusations of Russian athletes doping, created a special Commission.

Businessman and Vice-President of Federation of professional Boxing of Russia (FPBR) Andrey Ryabinsky said that he agreed with the Russian Paralympic Committee to cover the costs on the claim of the RCC in court of arbitration for Sport.

Note that at the Paralympic games 2012 in London the Russian team took second place in the unofficial medal standings, winning 36 gold, 38 silver and 28 bronze medals. The first were the representatives of China won 95 gold, 71 silver and 65 bronze medals.


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