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Monday, October 24, 2016

Psychologists have debunked the myth of love at first sight

The feeling of romance used to call love at first sight really can’t be anything more than a passing sympathy. This opinion was expressed by a number of American psychologists who also told exactly how many times need to see people that they could really love each other.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by some media, citing scientists from the U.S., “real” feelings towards another person can be formed not earlier than the fourth date. Over four meetings the partners could not only form a kind of “inner portrait” of someone, but gather enough together experienced emotions, to understand his true feelings. Also to the fourth or fifth date, people have a much more objective assessment of their partner, not being under the influence of subjective first impressions.

Earlier media reported about another group of scientists trying to identify which view women fall in love with, in this case it was about “the look” almost in the literal sense of the word. According to the findings, women need to look at the man six times. First, the woman needs to see a potential romantic partner in the eye, then at his hands, and then on clothes and shoes. After that, the woman assesses the posture and behavior of a person, and then draws attention to his physique and finally gets accustomed to the fact that the condition of his skin.

Still, some experts have come to the rather cynical conclusion that people are searching for love around the same principle that choosing food at the supermarket. It is that accidentally found a “soulmate” is much more likely to bring happiness to a person than a choice made from a variety of options, for example on a Dating site. Similarly, even the most delicious food, bought in a big store, usually brings less joy than a favorite dish, which became a surprise for him. Another similarity is that people are not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex, be more picky when choosing a partner, and those who never needed to eat, have a higher chance of becoming a gourmet.


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