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Thursday, March 15, 2018

New education Minister as a symptom of the creeping Stalinization

The new Minister of education and science, widely known five days ago in some pretty narrow circles, gradually ceases to look like Jack from the box. However, the question who is Mrs. Vasilieva is still current. Most, of course, interested in how Olga refers to the different aspects of the educational process. But it is equally important to understand how the main teacher of the country, doctor of historical Sciences evaluates events in Russian history, including Stalin’s role. It would be nice, by the way, to all the Russian government finally decided in this matter.

Photo: government

The time for calculations with the past could not be more appropriate: 80 years ago, August 24, 1936, was sentenced the defendants in the so-called First Moscow process — demonstration the trial of a group of former leaders of the Bolshevik party, which became the prelude to the Great terror. About a harbinger of what historical event is the appointment of Olga Vasilyeva, until we can only guess. However, some concern still exists. We are talking about the statements Vasilyeva on Stalin and Stalinism that caused concern for many members of the public.

The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia decided to put an end to the uncertainty and directly asked the new Minister to clarify his attitude to the Stalinist era. “This is important not only for education but for the future of the country question, explains the position of organization head of public relations Department of the FJC Boruch Gorin. — If indeed we are talking about conversations about the effectiveness of the Stalinist period and preuvelicheniem ideas about the atmosphere of terror that was then, this talk was very familiar to me, because that’s the style of conversation of Holocaust deniers.”

The “evidence” against Vasilyeva, admittedly, was mostly circumstantial. The main dirt — covered lecture Vasilyeva (holding then a post of the Deputy chief of management on public projects of the presidential administration, which she read at the end of 2013, activists of “United Russia”, — is given to the media in the retellings of grateful listeners. Among other things, Vasilyeva reportedly said then that Stalin, for all his faults was a public good for Russia because it managed to unite the nation on the eve of war.

Significantly, however, no denials and explanations from the lecturer followed. Neither then nor now, when the statements of three years ago were, so to speak, a new life. Although, as shown by the first days spent Vasilyeva in a new position, it is very sensitive to the fact, as understood and interpreted her words. Vasilyev denied, for example, that defined its purpose as “berestovaya”. According to an updated version, this should be understood as “prescriptions”. In this context, the silence cannot be construed otherwise than as a sign of agreement with the retelling.

Public statements Vasilyeva more cautious, but they are, to put it mildly, do not allow to classify the new Minister for anti-Stalinists. Vasiliev admires, for example, that Stalin “rehabilitated Church.” The years from 1943 to 1953 nd she calls “the Golden decade of the relations of Church and state”. Earlier, comrade Stalin, according to Olga Yurievna, rehabilitated Russian history and the concept of “patriotism”. Isn’t it time in recognition of all these achievements and to rehabilitate Stalin? No, open the proposal Vasiliev, of course, did not speak, but, as they say, smart enough.

Of course, it is not only in Vasilyeva. Against the background of other representatives and supporters of the power of her words seem still quite modest. For example, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky does not get tired to remind you that Stalin was an integral part of our heroic past. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called for the renaming of Volgograd to Stalingrad, and a member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”, the chief editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya said that the leader was sent to us by God, “to Russia remained on the world map…”

However, until now fans of “effective management” has not become our Ministers of education. There is no reason to assert that after some time, Russian schoolchildren will thank comrade Stalin for saving desecrated by the traitors-Trotskyites of the Fatherland and his serene childhood. But firm guarantees the impossibility of such a scenario is to give, perhaps, too. The trend is clear: the number of singers “hard Stalinist hands” slowly but surely becomes quality — of politics, economy, education…

Lacking, however, the final stroke: the respective “coming-outs” of the first. However, their personnel policy speaks for itself. As they say, what is pop — like parish.


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