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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Expert: Biden’s visit to Turkey has an anti-Russian charge

Turkey headed the delegation of the American Ministry of justice to examine information about the involvement of the main enemy of Turkish President — preacher Fethullah Gulen – to the coup attempt on July 15. Ankara demands the extradition of well-known religious leader living in Pennsylvania. Wednesday, August 24, Turkey is a must visit Vice President Joe Biden. What is the real purpose of his visit, “MK” asked the experts.

photo: AP

“Biden’s visit is aimed at to mitigate the situation, which are now Turkish-American relations, – said the “MK” the political scientist, assistant Professor, University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara, Togrul Ismail. – There is a certain misunderstanding. Moreover, after the failed coup Turkey increasingly insists on the extradition of preacher Fethullah Gulen. The U.S. side in this issue expresses his opinion. In addition, the position of countries in relation to the Syrian and Kurdish issues is experiencing turmoil. In this sense, Biden’s visit is of great significance.

In America, recently criticized the attitude of the Turkish leadership. But there are those who believe that losing Turkey, the US will lose in the region of a very serious foothold. Incirlik is a major military base that the US uses for its own purposes. It should be noted that after a coup attempt in Turkey was speculation that he was standing US intelligence agencies. Of course, it also causes negative reactions in the Turkish society. And this negativity needs to sort through”.

“Biden is making efforts in order to overcome the alienation that had arisen between Turkey and the United States – said “MK” senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir Sotnikov. – This is an attempt on the part of Washington to confirm that he is an ally of Ankara, and reverse the tactical trend in the direction of Moscow, which, according to the United States exists. Biden need to get some promises from Erdogan that Turkey will remain in the US sphere of influence in the region and to discuss in this context the Syrian crisis. I expect that this visit will have anti-Russian charge.

The US is unlikely to give gülen, despite the fact that Turkey insists on it. It would be a precedent for Washington to extradite the preacher, who lives as a private citizen in Pennsylvania. Even if the Americans did it, it is unlikely that this step significantly minimize the contradictions that have emerged now in the relations between Turkey and America. As for evidence in favor of Gulen’s involvement in the coup attempt, then a couple of weeks ago, the representative of state Department said that to collect the evidence can be six months or a year. It was reported that the Americans got piles of documentation from the Turkish side for this reason. I think one of the objectives of Biden’s visit – to try to reassure the Turkish side that this is not a quick process and neutralize this tension. Maybe it is not worth to raise the question of Gulane, especially since the coup attempt failed and Erdogan again emerged victorious”.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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