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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Your anti-missile system of Iran called “a Symbol of faith

Iran first showed its own anti-missile system, which experts regarded as a major breakthrough for Iran’s military-industrial complex. It is called “Bavar 373” (the Symbol of faith – 373), and work on it began in 2010 when Moscow canceled a contract to supply Tehran With s-300. Also, the public for the first time were able to appreciate the appearance of a new Iranian tank, very similar to the Russian T-90SM.

The presentation was held on Sunday at the exhibition in the building of the aerospace industry of the Ministry of defense of Iran, in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani and defense Minister Hossein of Dehkan. The Iranian leader noted that compared to last year, Tehran has doubled its military budget.


In the network appeared the photo of the Iranian Karrar tank (pictured) which, according to observers, the appearance strongly resembles the Russian T–90CM “Breakthrough”. Tehran has previously claimed that the inherent capacity to create such military equipment (T-90) characteristically claim that the new weapons created solely for protection from external threats. Photos from the exhibition, timed to the Day of defense industry of Iran, appeared on the website of the President of the Republic.

The development of the “Bavar-373” the Iranians warned in 2010, when the supply of Russian s-300 to Iran, which has already reached an agreement, were cancelled due to sanctions. “Creed” is equipped with radar with phased antenna array, which is similar to the Russian all-altitude detector 96Л6.

According to experts, the SAM is designed to engage targets at medium and large distances and is essentially a replica of the s-300. “The range of this complex is comparable with Russian counterparts. For heavy missiles is 110-120 km, short-range missiles – in the range of 50-70 km Based on the fact that this is a fairly accurate copy of the Russian complexes, we can assume that it is multi-channel, ie it can have up to six channels of the sighting targets, and potentially able to produce up to 17 missiles at the same time”, – said the Agency “Economy today” the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

Today great importance is the ability of anti-aircraft complex does not depend on interference, said the expert. “And this parameter is Iran’s “Symbol of faith” will, with high probability, to give the Russian counterpart. As for the circuitry and the ideology of this complex, Iran in a generation, if not more, is behind the Russian systems. In General, however, for Iran to create its own SAM – a major breakthrough, but, of course, is that he is not a competitor of any Russian or U.S. weapons systems in this class,” – said Konstantin Sivkov, Recalling that few countries can create such weapons.

By the way, before Hossein Dehgan said that his country has already received from Russia the major part of it is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300. “The last SAM are in the process of loading and transportation. This would be resolved in September,” – said the politician. “The Russian side has proposed to Iran complexes With-400, but we have no plans on acquiring them”, – quotes its Agency Tasnim.

At the exhibition, Farmers announced that Iran plans to build its own supersonic missiles, sea-based, RIA “Novosti”. Are expected to be created and new submarines for the missiles. By the way, now Iran, created the first turbojet engine, which was also told in the exhibition. Research in the field of missile technology going to Iran is actively.

In the spring of the system of missile warning was recorded by a test launch from Iran of an Intercontinental ballistic missile. This news has caused grumbling in Washington. The test launch of ballistic missiles has drawn sharp criticism from the United States, where even talked about the intention to curtail the incipient thaw in relations between the two countries.

As a result, American President Barack Obama for another year extended the part of the sanctions against Iran, although major sanctions against the country are gradually removed.

Very similar tank

It is worth noting that Iran is not the first time trying to copy Russian military technology. On Sunday, the General public first saw and samples of the latest Iranian Karrar tank, which reminded observers of the Russian T-90CM “Breakthrough”. This was written “Military informant” with reference to the Defence Blog.

In December the commander of land forces of Iran Ahmad Reza Pourdastan has announced plans to purchase T-90. However, in February Pourdastan said: “We informed the General staff of the armed forces of Iran that the T-90 are in our interests. However, taking into account the possibility of Iran, the question of the purchase of T-90 tanks was removed from the agenda. We’re going to produce their own tanks.”

His Deputy Kiumars heydari said that the country still has not refused intentions to T-90, however, the authorities banned the purchase of military equipment without transfer of the country technology of its production. The decisive reason was the money. In Iran believe that their own development will cost less.

Recall that the T-90 is among the best fighting machines in the world. Modernized in the framework of the ROC “Breakthrough” since 2004, this tank was first shown to the leadership of the country in 2009, the audience at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil in 2011. Tank T-90SM, which the Iranians were going to copy is the latest version of the export tank T-90S with an entirely new universal combat module.


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