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Monday, November 13, 2017

Worst job after 40 years it begins to harm the health and psyche

Work, not bringing the man, has an impact on what will be the condition of his physical and mental health after forty years. Thus in the first place, those who do not pleasure private professional activity, you risk dealing with various psychological problems, say experts from Ohio state University.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The researchers note that people who are not experiencing joy from his work, subsequently more prone to depression and anxiety disorders and are more likely to experience sleep problems. Although, according to scientists, is caused by problems really start to appear only after 40 years, the negative effect starts invisibly accumulate when the employee was not yet thirty. On the other hand, if a person “had” to love his work before he was 40 years old, unfavorable first impression of her on his health in the future will not affect.

In their work the researchers used data on 6 of 432 participants of another study, which ended in 1979. Information about these people was going from when they were 14 to 22, and, among other things, they must from time to time to assess your level of job satisfaction on four-point scale. Scientists have traced how varied this estimate in study participants between 25 and 39 years old. As the results showed, those who have their work loved, much less suffered from any mental disorders and other problems. At the same time most fortunate for those who work lucky me and those who loved her eventually. Those who own work, on the contrary, liked the first, and then we stopped, in many cases because of this “earned” depression and so on. The most unfavourable was the situation of those who their work is consistently hated.

We will remind, recently, another group of researchers made the assumption that work is a highly effective “remedy for depression”, because it helps to distract from the sad thoughts. However, the question of whether the work is to be beloved, was not considered, and its beneficial effect was demonstrated only in the short term.


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