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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

War and peace the United States and Turkey: Biden travels to Ankara

In Turkey today there arrives representative delegation from the U.S. — employees of the American Ministry of justice going to investigate on the allegations of involvement in the coup attempt of Fethullah Gulen, whose extradition from States require the Turkish authorities. Waiting in Turkey and the visit of Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden on August 24.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Joe Biden and former Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu

The main reason why Biden is paying a visit to Turkey, of course – relations between Ankara and Washington in the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia), as well as the situation with the Kurds living in Northern Syria, military Incirlik air base and again the issue of extradition of gülen opposition

Turkey has always been serious concerns in respect of the Democratic Union party (PYD) and its military wing – people’s protection Units” (YPG). Ankara has repeatedly urged America and Europe clearly agree with her stance against the organization. According to Turks, Kurdish forces in Syria is a continuation of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), but for America, the PYD – an ally and almost the only effective force against ISIS.

In mid-June, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying – as he thought – about the conflicting attitudes to groups in Syria, said that if the main reason why the West does not want to recognize the PYD and YPG are terrorist or not is their fight against ISIS, then Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra, an organization banned in Russia) should be excluded from the category of terrorist. Although Erdogan thus tried to draw a logical parallel, and accuse the West of double standards, the foreign press have accepted these words as support groups al-Nusra.

According to Turkish authorities, the Kurdish formation in Syria will settle the captured territories. Turkey has warned it will not allow the Kurds to move to the West Bank of the Euphrates river. In mid-August, the head of the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu reminded of this. “President Barack Obama gave word that after the operation in Manbij the formation of the PYD, working as part of the coalition forces will go East of the Euphrates river. The United States should keep the promise”, he said.

Erdogan’s allies in conversations often emphasize the fact that Biden visited Turkey only a month after the coup. For the Turks this is a significant figure of ambiguous perception of the sincerity of the U.S. administration. And yet, it is believed that Biden is coming to to reconcile the Obama administration and Erdogan.

The Turks have made ambiguous statements about what the Prime suspect – according to the Turkish authorities preacher Fethullah Gulen, is a kind of power – the “higher mind”. Here it was clear that we are talking about America. But a few days ago, before Biden’s visit, Cavusoglu dispelled these doubts saying that “the Turkish policy has never accused the US of involvement in the coup attempt”. However, according to him, all will depend on will be given Gulen’s Turkey or not.

It is also one of the main points of the meeting. After the coup the Turkish side was daily raised the issue of gülen and its granting. Although it could be rhetoric for “domestic consumers” amid strong public support after the coup. But, judging by the statements of the American side, in legal terms, Ankara is not taking so much effort. So, last week Bloomberg published a report in which an anonymous source from the American administration says that Turkey has not yet given Washington the evidence for the involvement of Gulen’s opposition to the coup attempt.

One thing is clear – this topic will be engaged seriously…

Incirlik, the base of the Eastern Command of the U.S. air force and NATO in Europe, in recent months, has also become a leading topic in the controversy of Turkish politicians. Any statements regarding this base always suggest some serious bargaining. Even before the military coup there were the words of foreign Minister çavuşoğlu that Turkey may open Incirlik base for the Russian VKS. Later it was stated that the words Cavusoglu just misinterpreted. However, today in the British newspaper appeared again information already from the lips of the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim of: he mentions the possibility of Russia’s use of Turkish military bases. The Prime Minister of Turkey, in an interview with the times, indicated that if necessary it could happen. “Incirlik is used not only of the United States, the Prime Minister said. Is done in other countries. From Russia, these requests have been received”.

And if you believe the European online edition of “Evroaktiv, which last week reported: the United States began to export from Turkey nuclear weapons to Romania, and if you believe the publications in the newspaper “the wall street journal in early August, that Washington was not satisfied with Ankara presents evidence of the involvement of Gulen in the preparation of a failed coup, it can be assumed that the discussion of the American delegation with Turkish counterparts will be hot.

Yashar Nijazbaev, chief editor of “MK-Turkey”


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