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Monday, March 19, 2018

The US the Kurds are trying to seize the initiative in Syria

In the tumultuous discussion of the operation of the Russian HQs in Syria outside the brackets remains the most important event of recent days in the region: the confrontation between Syrian Kurds and the government of the army of Assad. It seems that it is a major failure of Russian diplomacy, and the United States are already rushing to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Kurdish defense forces (KCC) on Monday stormed the last stronghold of the Syrian troops in the region – the provincial center of Hasaka (720 km from Damascus), told the TV station “al Arabiya”.

“Russia was unable to handle the situation, to establish effective interaction with the Kurds and persuade Assad to compromise”

The operation began after soldiers and fighters of the armed militia “Baas” did not answer the ultimatum and refused to surrender. Previously, the Kurds had evacuated thousands of people, including Christians, from Hasaka. Command of the armed forces of Syria said that the conflict in Hasaka provoked by Kurdish armed groups.

To take control under the protection of the United States

Its offensive, the Kurds began in the area of Nashua (near the quarter of government offices and the headquarters of power structures) after midnight, said Al Jazeera. “It is the heaviest fighting between Kurds and Syrian forces more than five years of civil war”, – said portal. “Events are developing rapidly. The Kurds seem to have decided to oust government troops from the city and take it under control,” – said the Agency journalist, presenter reporting from Gaziantep, near the border between Turkey and Syria.

“The Kurds said they were not going to sign any agreement with Assad and what to take Hasakah will be a matter of a few hours or days”, – the journalist added.

On Sunday the Syrian air force appeared in the sky in the North-East of the country, but by the KSS did not cause. However, this had already roused the United States, said Al Jazeera. The portal reminded that the Kurds KSS not only have ties with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), but also the leading force of the campaign States against the militants of the IG*.

We will remind, earlier on Saturday, the Pentagon got in touch with Russia “to guarantee the safety of coalition forces.” The States wanted to make sure that over the Hasaka was not a Russian aircraft. In addition, the U.S. has asked Moscow to make clear to the Syrian authorities that the air force of the coalition to protect ground forces, if necessary, said Pentagon spokesman Navy captain USA Jeff Davis. The international coalition to combat terrorism in the U.S. has also sent aircraft to the area of Hasaka. It was reported that the US fighters arrived at the scene already at the time when two Syrian su-24 left the area. In connection with this incident, the US stepped up patrols in the square.

“This is a decisive battle, we will not retreat”

Kurdish KCC state that has not concluded a truce, Reuters adds. Despite the resistance of the Syrians, Kurds expand control of the city. “Confrontation, appears to negate the unspoken agreement between KSS and the Syrian army,” stated the publication.

The Agency added that KCC distributed leaflets throughout the city demanding that the military and Pro-government militias to surrender their weapons, or face imminent death. “All elements of the regime and its militia that besieged the city, you were the target of our units. This decisive battle, we will not retreat,” read the leaflets.

“Complete loss of Hasaka will be a big blow to the Assad government and will also undermine Moscow’s efforts that under a major military intervention in the past year sought to help Damascus to regain the lost territories and prevent further progress of the rebels,” – said Reuters.

About the “failure of Moscow”, said Al Jazeera. “Kurdish group surrounds government buildings in Hasaka after the Russian mediators were unable to bridge the gap between the two sides,” – said the portal.

In an attempt to calm the tensions, a delegation of Russian officials arrived in Qamishli on Saturday for talks with the two parties, said Al Jazeera. After two days of negotiations, the Syrian military source told AFP that the parties agreed. However, neither side has not fulfilled the agreement, he added. For example, the Syrian government refused to implement the Kurdish demands to withdraw its troops from Hasaka and Qamishli. It is expected that further talks will be held on Monday.

Recall that controlling the North-Eastern region of Syria, the Kurds are making conclusion from Hasaka all of the government troops, in whose hands remain the state institutions and the headquarters of security structures. A similar situation exists in the city of Qamishli, where is the center of the Kurdish Autonomous administration. The Kurds are the backbone of the “democratic Forces of Syria” (SDS), which are successfully fighting against the group “Islamic state*”. Air support SDS are providing force of anti-terrorist coalition headed by the USA.

Error of the Russian diplomacy

According to the analyst, the Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Semyon Bagdasarov, the transition of the Kurdish self-defense forces in an offensive in the area of Hasaka – a consequence of serious errors of our diplomacy. “Russia was unable to handle the situation, to establish effective interaction with the Kurds and persuade Assad to compromise, in particular to announce the federalization of Northern Syria. Although the leader of the party “Democratic Union” Salih Muslim, regularly visited Moscow and had constantly raised this issue,” the expert explained in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

In addition, says Bagdasarov, fault in the situation lies with the Assad government, who suddenly decided to “restore order” in the area of Hasaka and Qamishli, and are now faced with opposition. “In addition, there is information about the fact that even before the military coup in Turkey-mediated Iran, Ankara has been talking with Damascus over the issues of joint actions against the Kurds. It also increases the mistrust of the Kurds to the Syrian government,” he added.

Bagdasarov believes that our diplomatic mistake took advantage of the Americans who seized the initiative and is currently in full control of what is happening now in the North-East of Syria events.

The Kurds are at the behest of the United States

Political scientist Alexander Sotnichenko, in turn, recalls that for a long time, Russia believed the Kurds ‘ allies in the region. The leaders of both Turkish and Syrian Kurds regularly visited Moscow, and the sympathy of Russia to the Kurds increased especially after the aggravation of Russian-Turkish relations.

“Nevertheless, the leadership of the Syrian Kurdistan did not hide their plans to maximally distance itself from Damascus and establish their own autonomy by analogy with Iraqi Kurdistan. They have focused on the side that they could this autonomy be guaranteed. Russia, a key ally of which was Damascus, for obvious reasons, these guarantees they could not give, because Assad is committed to the principles of the unitary state, realizing that federalization will lead to the disintegration of the country. Accordingly, the only reliable ally the Syrian Kurds have become the US,” Sotnichenko told the newspaper VIEW.

He recalled that close cooperation between the Kurdish self-defence forces and the us began in 2014, during the battle for Kobani, then the siege of this city by the Kurdish militants LIH was removed with the help of aviation the so-called anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States and was a established supply of American weapons to the Kurdish militias.

“In March this year finally dispelled the last hopes that the Syrian Kurds will have an independent policy from the US, also focusing on Moscow and Damascus. The fact that the Russian Federation could not, despite promises, to provide the biggest party of Syrian Kurdistan – the “Democratic Union” – participation as a full member in the negotiations in Geneva. USA, in turn, promised to support the self-proclaimed Kurdish autonomy, after which the autonomy was proclaimed. Staff immediately arranged delivery of weapons to Syrian Kurds, and began training their militias, turning them into an efficient army,” – said the expert.

According to many, now the Syrian Kurds are at the behest of the United States, and their conflict with government forces in Hasaka and Qamishli is an attempt by Americans to seize the initiative in Syria.

The expert believes that to oppose the new Kurdish-American Alliance to Russia will only close cooperation with Iran and Turkey and joint coordination with these countries on the Syrian front.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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