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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The acceleration of the CPSU Central Committee: “They are running around, sausage and smoked fish being dragged!”

“Today will cease functioning in the buildings of the CPSU Central Committee,” — said on 23 August ‘ 91 the voice from the loudspeaker to the workers of the Old square. The decision of the President of the Union announced, the then Director of the Department of the mayor of Moscow Evgenie Savostyanov. We asked him to remember this historic day.

— How did you know that the decision to close the CPSU?

— It was the second day after the suppression of the coup. We gathered to discuss how to return to everyday life and what opportunities and challenges face us in this situation. Was the mayor of Moscow Popov, Chairman of the Moscow government, Luzhkov and me. In a study with a rather sly smile, holding out a piece of paper, became managing Director of the government of Moscow Vasily Shakhnovsky. Gave leaf Popov. The priests read it, chuckled and gave Luzhkov. Luzhkov has read it, chuckled and gave it to me.

It was known note that is the destruction of documents in the complex of buildings of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the Old square and that it is necessary to suspend the operation of buildings. Signed — Burbulis (the closest ally of Boris Yeltsin, was Secretary of state of the RSFSR. — “MK”) in block letters on top and a clear resolution of Gorbachev: “I Agree.” The priests said to me: “Go do”. The task is not entirely trivial to close the building of the Central Committee of the CPSU. (Laughs.)

I called the chief of the Moscow police and asked to give me two companies of Riot police to surround the building complex block inputs and outputs. Called the chief of the Moscow KGB and told his colleagues guarding the complex of buildings that I will come with a letter of the Secretary General, enforceable.

When we arrived Shakhnovsky, the head guard walked us to the Manager of the Affairs of the Central Committee Kruchina. I asked him: “Nikolai Efimovich, you handwriting of your Secretary?” He is somewhat taken aback and says “you Know”. Read the note first became red, then crimson.

Began a long conversation, I saw no desire to run the command there. When I realized that the grief calmed down, slammed his fist on the table and yelled: “don’t be stupid, do what you’re told”. I was ushered into the booth broadcast of the civil defense system of the Central Committee, from there I was able to make an announcement. They told me that the key is not known from whom and to open a booth can not. I said, “Now, 14.15, 15.00 I will arrest all who remain in the building. Immediately there were sparks.

I was terrified that when I do an ad, a throat intercepts, because I knew the historical significance of the moment. I was asked to repeat the announcement and give his name. I think this fool is a historic moment, and I didn’t even introduce himself and did not write himself into the annals. (Laughs.)

At that time it was the meeting of party activists of the CPSU Central Committee, from the loudspeakers sounded the announcement, the meeting was closed immediately, and they ran.

Initially, the exit they were met and searched by the people. I went out and say: “Guys, stop, this is in any gate not climbing”. And they say, “Look, they’re a sausage and a smoked fish being dragged”. Before a run, employees had to empty the cupboard. I said, “You do not bother them, they last”.

— If the decision to close the building of the Central Committee of the CPSU unexpected for you?

— It was clear that we are closing. When demolished the monument, people are greedy eyes looked to the building of the Central Committee. The question was, what form it will happen. Or it will be defeat and the burning of the buildings in the revolutionary tradition, or a cultural form more or less organized, as we have done.

— The former head of the press center of the Central Committee of the CPSU Nikolay Zenkovich wrote: the staff of the Committee feared that they would tear the crowd in front of the crowd, he even called the son and asked if anything to protect the mother and 10-year-old sister. How do people even know what is closure of the building?

— People were going in the direction of the Lubyanka and did not know where they will turn to the KGB building, or the building of the Central Committee. Since we had the city link, then to those who marched at the head of the crowd, came the information that in this moment we close the complex of buildings. And they understand that in the defeat of the KGB will be much more dramatic consequences, managed the crowd lead to the building of the Central Committee and make a proper chorus in the style of ancient tragedies.

— How did you manage to neutralize the dissatisfaction of the crowd?

When I joked that the staff of the Central Committee in recent times have the sandwiches, people laughed and began to pass them unhindered. The only, the first Secretary of party Committee of Prokofiev slapped a slap in the face.

— Another interesting point: Gorbachev aide Anatoly Chernyaev wrote that he was evacuated from the building at the governmental branch of the subway and taken to the Kremlin. How to determine who goes into the crowd, and who will be sent to the Kremlin?

I won’t discuss the details. I will say that there were certain special features, available to all employees of the Central Committee. Some friends were able to use them. A large part of the rank and file employees, of course not. It is unclear what all they feared — if Chernyaev went out into the crowd, he would be there to shake hands.

— The closure of the buildings of the CPSU Central Committee had a symbolic meaning? How do you assess these developments?

— About the same as closing the Constituent Assembly by the sailor Zheleznyak. This is a largely symbolic act. The closure of the monumental complex of buildings, symbolizing the bloodiest in human history, the dictatorship, were summed up the results of the August events. But there were practical sense, because the closure of buildings, communications and document management prevented any chance for a recovery of the Communist party.

Putsch: three days in August. Chronicle of events

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