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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Named the months in which people are most likely to divorce

A group of American scientists from the University of Washington concluded that in March and August, couples on the verge of divorce, are most likely to cross that line. Also, experts have shared their assumptions about what distinguishes these two months and makes them the most “favorable” for the separation of the spouses.

photo: pixabay.com

On that March and August are the leaders in number of applications for divorce (at least in the US), the researchers found, after analyzing the statistics for 2001-2015. However, such trend was observed not only in General for the considered period, but in any given year.

According to experts, to understand why one of the “richest” in the divorce months is in March, you should pay attention to January and the end of December, when in America, as in other countries around the world marked the winter holidays. During this period, the husband and wife spend more time together, and in combination with the holiday spirit this engenders the hope that they will be able to overcome the accumulated differences and “start over.” However, if such disagreement is too much,these expectations often appear exaggerated. In the result of realizing that even a holiday does not promote the revival of former feelings, the couple make the final decision about the divorce. However, the divorce process involves a lot of formalities, which in fact, the couple split up at the end of January, and in March, the researchers said.

Similarly experts attribute the August “peak” divorce because the couple often take a vacation during the summer and spend it together in not always justifies hopes to regain its former intimacy.

Previously, some researchers have noted not always a beneficial effect on human the Christmas holidays. As they approach a stronger feel unaccountable sense of anticipation of something beautiful. However, because something truly fantastic in the New year, usually occurs and life continues to go on as usual in January, many people sink into depression.


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