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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Discovered a patent of Nikola Tesla on killer robots

Built in 1898 the patent of the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla on killer robots – in all probability, the most deadly of all his inventions is found in U.S. engineer Matthew Shroyer. In fact, scientists propose to create what today might be called RC military drones.

photo: twitter.com

A scene from the movie “Terminator 2: judgment day”

Apparently, for remote control vehicles, Tesla proposed the use of radio waves or an analog thereof. The drones, according to the scientist, could be used in a wide variety of purposes, including the delivery of goods and letters, and ensuring communication with remote regions, research mission, whale hunting, trade and so on. However, the main potential application of the apparatus the inventor calls it a military application. According to Tesla, the destructive force of drones could be so high between the Nations it would have been the world – simply because to start a war with the existence of this terrible weapon no one would want.

How notes portal to Popular Science, the military drones are unable to stop the war, however, the function of deterrence, which they ordered Tesla, to date, largely performs a much more terrible weapon – the atomic bomb.

Nikola Tesla – famous Austrian and American inventor in the field of electrical and radio engineering. His research has largely helped to make the so-called second phase of the industrial revolution. The scientists named the unit of magnetic flux density (magnetic induction). Curiously, Tesla was a proponent of the existence of the ether – the mysterious substance that fills the Universe and is the medium for propagation of electromagnetic and gravitational forces.


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