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Friday, March 16, 2018

Beneficial Tehran: Iran may again provide a base for Russian aircraft

The Russian aircraft left Iranian air base at Hamadan. Our pilots fulfilled the tasks of the bombing of terrorist targets and returned to the airfield. However, the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation do not exclude that if necessary our bombers can go back to Iran. “MK” asked the expert, is it reasonable to use the Iranian airfield and why is this news caused a great sensation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The news that Russian aircraft attacked terrorist targets in Syria with bases in Iran was the most discussed in the media, causing a lot of speculation. The main issue, which caused a fierce controversy – will remain our planes in Iran and, if so, at what time, explained the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. According to him, the Russian aircraft that bombed the terrorists in Syria with Iranian Hamadan airbase, have successfully completed all the tasks.

“Aircraft of Russian air force are now in the territory of Russia. Further use of the air base in Hamadan in the Islamic Republic of Iran will occur on the basis of mutual agreements on combating terrorism and, depending on the prevailing situation in Syria,” he said.

Military expert Viktor murakhovski told “MK” that he does not understand why the news about our aircraft in Iran has caused such a stir. “It is normal practice, when the aircraft uses the ground based allies in the fight against terrorism. So do the US and other NATO countries,” – said the expert.

Put simply, it is the Russian aviation needed the airfield, so the pilots could get some rest, refueling, replenish ammunition, and then to perform tasks. Iranian airbase while the approach to terrorist targets less, you need to fly a little more than a thousand kilometers. And from Russia is more than two thousand. Simple arithmetic, the less fuel on Board, the more ammunition it can carry aircraft and successfully hitting targets.

“Here, beyond the immediate combat mission, of course there is another important aspect — practicing takeoff and landing at an unfamiliar field. I think our pilots, this experience was very useful, because landing on an unknown airfield, refueling, replenishment of ammunition, it’s all good practice. Even the experience of negotiating between our pilots and foreign controllers for the pilots is useful,” – said murakhovski.

According to him, if need be, Iran will again provide a base for our aircraft. “The Iranian side gets invaluable hands-on experience in joint military cooperation. This kind of practice is invaluable for both parties”, – concluded the expert.

Watch the video on “Russian bombers from bases in Iran, the first hit of IG


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