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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A gift from the FAS, or the operation of “Evacuation”

With the grace of an elephant in a China shop officials again went to meet” the owners have attended to the price of “services” the wrecker, hauled and impounded cars violators of Parking rules. This time the concern was reflected in the fact that from September 1 will earn the new principles of determination of prices. Them to get rid of the regional initiative with the overstatement of tariffs for evacuation, prepared by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). But the special joy on this occasion are expected. Power is not just this way “rose to defend” the interests of citizens, but drivers (or rather, their wallets) are worse.

So, five years ago, the government decided to put in order transport taxation: they imposed excise taxes on fuel, supposedly to replace the transport tax. And instantly “forgot” to rescind the tax. The newly reformed insurance — of course, in the interests of the owners. Now we are paying for the policies twice, and insurers, as before, pay twice less. But in the country there are dozens of regions where insurance policy now will not buy all for any money.

And that’s before the evacuation reached the hands. Chauffeur brethren have long strain rates and schemes by which work municipal tow. In Moscow, for example, the cost of shipping cars to the impound lot depends on the power of its engine. To 80 HP — 3000 rubles, 80-250 HP — 5000 rubles, over 250 HP — 7000 rubles, if someone does not know.

In the sent to the justice Ministry for registration training manual FAS the power of the motor in the fare calculation is missing, yay! According to her, the tariffs can be differentiated on the basis of the allowed maximum weight, size and category of the vehicle.” And calculate them on the basis of economically justified costs of evacuation or the method of comparable market prices — that is, by analogy with the rates of tow-privateers.

On the basis of this fact some have already concluded that from September 1 the “green crocodiles” will reduce your 3000-5000-7000-thousand rates adequate to 2500 rubles. And do not expect! The example of the traders take not going, because from the point of view of “economic justification” absolutely wild prices have a solid Foundation. It turned out that over a year ago, when one meticulous lawyer reached the Supreme court, trying to challenge the adequacy of the “price tags”.

Then officials presented the court with evidence that the monthly operating costs of each municipal towing was… about 400 000 rubles. Of this amount, the lion’s share, claimed officials, comes on pay drivers and the corresponding contributions to the budget — about 200 000. Besides, at that moment, the tow trucks were leased, and the payments on this article has resulted in 90 000 rubles per month. In terms of each evacuation of its value only from the above expenditures amounted to 3800 rubles. But this is without taking into account “General economic expenses”: the contents of the dispatch service, Parking, security, electricity for buildings, etc On these things each evacuation owed, by “economic calculations”, according to 2000 rubles. That is the cost of one delivery of passenger cars to the impound yard of not less than 5800 rubles.

From that memorable meeting of the armed forces after more than a year, so surely the cost of each evacuation and even increased due to inflation, growth of tariffs for energy, fuel, etc. So theoretically on the basis of decision FAS can easily increase the “emergency” tariffs to 6000-6500 roubles. Though, again, private tow trucks manage to do the same job for 2500 rubles.


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