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Sunday, March 18, 2018

25 years without the Communist party: the case of the deceased wins

25 years ago, on 23 August 1991, the Russian President signed the Decree “On suspending the activities of the Communist party of the Russian Federation”. On the same day of the building of the Central Committee and Moscow city Committee of the CPSU was sealed.

Organization, the former for 74 years “leading and guiding force of Soviet society, performing his Swan song, or rather, the ballet “Swan lake”, which became a musical symbol of the coup, ceased to exist. However, a major consolation to those who mourn the untimely death of the party of Lenin, could be the fact that the case of the deceased not only lives, but triumph wins.

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From the formal legal point of view of party life continued for another two and a half months. Finally the Communist party of the Soviet Union ordered to live long, 6 November 1991, when Yeltsin ordered “to cease on the territory of the RSFSR Communist party, the RSFSR, and their organizational structure to dissolve”. But de facto “leading and guiding” disappeared from the political scene immediately after the coup, which it was alleged in the August decree of the Russian President, has actively supported: “In some regions of the RSFSR, with the direct participation of Republican, territorial and regional organs of the Communist party of the RSFSR established emergency committees (commissions), which is a gross violation of the USSR Law “On public associations”.

And on August 25 was made “control shot” Yeltsin declared the state property of the RSFSR “all belonging to the Communist party and the Communist party of the Russian Federation of immovable and movable property”. Outside of Russia the structure of the Communist party also did not last long. Already on 29 August the USSR Supreme Soviet suspended the CPSU throughout the Union. During the fall of the Republican Communist party either ceased to exist or was transformed into other organizations. As, for example, the CP of Kazakh SSR, converted 7 of September 1991, the Socialist party of Kazakhstan.

Not strongly resist the dissolution of the Communist party and its last leader: August 24, Mikhail Gorbachev calmly resigned as General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and recommended to the Central Committee “to make difficult but honest decision to disband”. However, in his memoirs, President of the Soviet Union criticizes the actions of Yeltsin, who, they say, “all done with sadistic pleasure”. In addition, according to Gorbachev, the Russian authorities could not resist revenge: “My concerns about the position of the Russian authorities against the Communists were not in vain. The prohibition party had a disastrous effect on millions of innocent its members.”

Some rightness in the words of the former Secretary General has for the amusement and delight of the winners of “restraining” the decree was signed by Boris Yeltsin’s right during the speech of Gorbachev at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Russia. However, charges of vindictiveness does not agree. The CPSU ceased to be the ruling party, however, most of the territory of the former Soviet Union still ruled by members of the Communist party. In the two republics, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, presidential posts still occupy the former members of the Politburo. Russian first person younger, but they managed to be at the forefront of Soviet society.” Moreover, in contrast to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, none of them from the Communist party did not come out.

According to, for example, Vladimir Putin, after the Communist party ceased to exist, he took the party ticket, card, put in a table — it’s all lies”. Apparently, in the same way keep these relics of the Prime Minister and speakers of both chambers of the Federal Assembly. Politicians and officials, having behind shoulders of the Communist past, in our Palestine is still a rarity. That is quite understandable: it would be strange if 18 million people of the former ruling party of the country, suddenly vanished. Other writers have, as they say, no. However, there is a problem. It is best expressed at the time, Victor Chernomyrdin, who also occupied the last place in the party ranks (he was a member of the Central Committee): “What kind of party we or build — out of the CPSU”.

But perhaps they can make another sweeping generalization: as we try to modernize Russia, in the end it turns out something very close to the ideals that sought to bring to life the members of the emergency Committee. By the way, a fresh example of folk humor: “Just imagine: if the coup failed, but now in Russia there would be no freedom of speech, no modern, developed economy, nor replaceable power…” Vox populi — vox dei.

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