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Monday, July 17, 2017

The government are not idiots sitting

Mr. President, did you know that theaters, museums and other cultural institutions covered by the quiet panic? If the panic was loud, you may have heard. But quietly, silently, people are afraid to disappoint you. Might yell: “Die, but not surrender!” No, not at risk.

photo: Alex geldings

You see, the leaders of the circuses, theatres, museums, etc. have received a circular from the Ministry of culture, where they are prescribed to 1 September to carry out the fight against corruption. And start to think they must. Or with the dearest people.

The first sentence of the circular… No, Mr. President, we would like to present it briefly, but we failed. Here it is:

Please be advised that 09.07.2016 entered into force changes to regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 05.07.2013 No. 568 (signed by Prime Minister Medvedev), “On distribution to certain categories of citizens, restrictions, prohibitions and obligations established by the Federal law “On combating corruption” and other laws to counter corruption” on restrictions, prohibitions and responsibilities imposed on employees of organizations established to meet the objectives set to the Federal state authorities. (So in the document.)

If you realized your happiness. But artists, first, do not understand; secondly, I do not understand what this has to do with them. But the fact that for the last three years corruption on the orders of Medvedev tamed everywhere. It came to museums and the circus.

Under the second sentence of the circular they (and us) jaw dropped. Here it is, this second:

To the organizations created to solve tasks of the Ministry of culture of Russia, are all subordinate to the Ministry of culture of the organization…

Then there is about the leaders, deputies, accountants, but these details, in our opinion, do not matter.

Mr. President, from this paper, signed by the Deputy Minister Medinsky (and I want to write “still the Minister”), with eerie apparent: the Ministry of culture believes that all theatres, museums, circuses, etc. created for the solution of the tasks set before the Ministry of culture of Russia”. Huh?!

One might ask: a) what tasks? b) someone put? But it’s pointless questions; even (recognize the self-critical) idiotic.

The Moscow art theatre was founded more than a hundred years ago, the Tretyakov gallery — 160, the Rumyantsev library (where the metro station “Biblioteka im. Lenin) — 154, Hermitage — 250, Grand theatre — 240 years ago… Believe me, they are not designed to solve the problems posed by the current Ministry of culture (and wanted to write “raised some fools, but the newspaper must keep up appearances).

It happens that mad from idleness, gluttony, drunkenness and debauchery maid imagines herself a dominatrix: get into a rented room with clothes, spinning in front of the mirror, pinning on the breast of others brooches and order… Excuse me, Mr. President, we digress.

Let’s get serious. Quite the contrary: the Ministry of culture created to Large, Tretyakov gallery, Moscow art Theater, the Hermitage, etc. That the Creator should cause the carpet to the Minister and to explain: that should make the Ministry to promote creative ideas.

Mr. President, the officer-servant became the master. From this we have tremendous trouble in science (remember the defeat of the Academy of Sciences), in medicine, in education and in business, in industry… Everywhere!

The result? Officials have palaces, and the Creator fawns, flatters, kisses the handle.

Pettifoggers of all kinds and agencies invent idiotic reportiori, doctors, teachers, and even artists have to fill them from morning to night, is what is intended. (We would not call raportezi and other circulars stupid, but it pushes us in the language they are written. Ugly language.) Here’s what’s next:

It is also stipulated that employees substituting the above posts, I can’t work in the case of close relationship or property (parents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, and brothers, sisters, parents, children of spouses and spouses of children) an employee of the organization concerned, if the employment is connected with direct subordination or control of one of them to another. (So in the document.)

Read? Understand? Sure that correctly understood? But the Ministry of culture believes that this simple Russian phrase needs to be clarified. And right away explained:

In order to promote uniformity of application of norms of the legislation should be understood under the direct subordination relationship in which it is assumed that one employee right to give other instructions and tasks and to demand their execution. Under control is a situation when, because of their official duties, the employee is required to monitor the employment activities of another employee, including in cases, when between them there is no direct subordination. (So in the document.)

Thank God, now everything is clear: accountability, because of official responsibilities is required to control… No? Well, not our sadness.

Such circulars composes the substance of that Shadow. And ever it is (being) will hear the order: “Shadow, know your place.”

And while we are quite sure that the circular, which lists unacceptable (from the point of view of control relations, lacks an extremely important category, in the sense of corruption, theft and nepotism. You should immediately include in the document a friendly and loving relationship, including sexual orientation, within which there are relationships of dependency and lack of control are much stronger than any relationship and property of the children of spouses and spouses of children.

Mr. President, what do Medvedev and Medina, except that they’re both the letter “m”? (Believe me, no offensive innuendo here is not hidden, as the author of this letter is also the letter “m”.)

General at the Prime Minister and the Minister of culture are many: a) they have deputies, pay, press secretaries, advisers, etc.; b) the two appointees; C) they have elections on a nose. And they are causing despair and fury among hundreds of thousands of workers of culture. These two “m” have you heard anything about the Museum of the dynasty, about acting dynasties, circus? Do they have a number of cover and their place in our circus?

Of course, the outputs are: Zudin (wife Tabakova) take Lenkom mark Zakharov, Sasha (daughter Zakharova) will take Tabakov at the Moscow art theatre, zapashnye cycles controlled by the illusionist…

What do you think, Mr. President, did the artists, Museum workers and all the people who make culture, art and cherish Russian language — do they vote for a party such steering? Are they slaves? Really — in response to the circular of the Ministry of culture — they send the usual humble question: “Rope and soap to bring with them?”


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