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Friday, March 16, 2018

The best day

August 22, 1991, I have nowhere to go. It was not simple forces. And there, on the streets of Moscow, was a feast of winners. The people climbed the Iron Felix and split off pieces of memory. People smashed the idol, fought with the monument. Beat-beat and broke. Although I know that in the day there, at the Lubyanka, to get even so world many people came, he was afraid to stand on the barricades in the mystical three days. Happy three days. And with impunity destroy the idol — small and uninteresting. After all, he will not answer.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

But the 21st of August… in the Morning I went to my printing house “Pravda” to work the first shift, thus combining in himself the state and revolution. That’s the way to go at own expense to the White house to the bitter end, too, could not — was a law-abiding! Worked the required 8 hours. Received food order — and then faster than the wind was on the barricades. The order given to the defenders, the whole without the rest. Drank tea and went for a walk around the White house.

Drizzle drizzling rain. In the stands was people. Makarevich sang, Mikhalkov was urged to stay; something fun and uplifting said Hazanov; clear and optimistic, is typical grassia, — Rostropovich. The priest and dissident Gleb Yakunin hands and the word dispersed the clouds. And dispersed.

Again they waited for the assault. Once famously waited with elation. You can go to the first counter-cross, ask anything, and he was willing to do for you. And you for him. You can cry to him all soul, and you answer that someone has recently a stranger, too, confessed to the last drop. Again: it is very fun at the same time.

And then announced from the podium that the storm will not. What we won. Yeltsin — our President. And it was real happiness.

Such freedom I have never had in my life. Neither before nor after. This brotherhood (forgotten the word) are generally never felt. When all his, truly his. So cute, good. When a mass gathering of people you don’t see the crowds and feel each person individually, you know him because he’s all yours, bones.

It was the happiest day of my life. Although happiness is sometimes veiled eyes. I still remember how there on the square in front of the White house people saw the host of “the View” Sergey Lomakin. Shortly before this Surah Jkcpzeo and our victorious revolution, he interviewed Boris Yeltsin, shown on CT. The interview was hard, unpleasant questions for our idol. All felt that it was “made-up” in the CPSU. And Lomakin, therefore, misdirected Cossack. And now, seeing this Lomakina in a dazzling white suit, people would run up to him, and scraped the dirt from wet puddles and even throwing in this dazzling white suit, leading Lomakin. And he ran, silently, not looking back, hiding behind his hand.

And no it if not protected. Me too. Just think, a trifle on the background of our Grand celebration. But to stop, look back… Because that’s what people turns to the crowd in cattle.

But I still will not betray himself in this day, never. He lives in me, I feel. What would then have happened with the country. As if I don’t rethink things.

Apparently, it’s won’t happen again, and I’m sorry for those young who have not experienced. Just then, wasn’t born or was very young. And nothing better than the perestroika years, I do not know. When there was a big free country — the USSR. But it ended very quickly. There is no longer that great country and that Gorbachev’s freedom. We again went in a circle. As always.

Putsch: three days in August. Chronicle of events

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