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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Prices prepared for the September jump

The last decade of August and beginning of September — a very tense time for the wallets of the majority of Russians, namely parents of kindergartners, schoolchildren and students. We are waiting for costs comparable to pre-Christmas spending. It is necessary not only to buy pens with notebooks, but also to update your wardrobe grown up over the summer Chad. Plus to be able to repay the necessary bills for the educational process, to set aside a certain amount for the needs of the class and tutorials, as well as to determine which part of the family budget goes to Tutors. And not to forget about paying for transport cards. By the way, getting around the city a Moscow student will cost more than $ 600 per month. Yes, and at least three meals a day (as well as payment of utilities) for the whole family has not been canceled. Well, that seasonal vegetables give us a temporary carte Blanche, but what then? But before you make predictions, let’s deal with “routine.

photo: Alexander Zinoviev

Children! To school get ready. The cock crowed long

Lines of the poet of the XIX century Lev Modzalevsky purchase now sound very different, especially in the context of the data of Rosstat. For the coming 1 September, the price reacted back in July. Was recorded noticeable growth in the product category for students. So, on 1,6% more expensive bags backpacks, 1-1,3% — school supplies and stationery, textbooks, manuals and didactic materials.

Almost the same set of products will need for kindergarten. I must say that the financial burden on parents of youngsters do not envy. With the beginning of the year preschool education has risen by 7.8%. And if you compare January–July of 2016 with the same period last year, by almost 12%.

Some visionary moms are already preparing for September’s outbreak of SARS, updating the family first aid kit. And they are right, because in the beginning of the school year, our children share not only their experiences, but acquired the virus. And again “happy” to Rosstat. In the group of advancers by 1.6–1.8 percent) only in July of drugs such as Bromhexine, Xylometazoline (galazolin), Corvalol, metamizol sodium (analginum domestic), nitroglycerin. In fairness, we note that there are depreciating, namely, Linex, allohol, glycine, and the medical mercury thermometer. Although few recent uses, except hospitals. And at home, many have already moved on to electronic counterparts. But about the movement of prices statistics are silent. And from myself I will add: the more expensive, and decent.

Crimea our dear

In July, traditionally expensive housing services. This season it has touched almost all regions of Russia. Significantly increased the tariffs for sanitation — 7.4%, heating, cold and hot water, electricity — by 4.7–5.8 percent. Among the Champions Rosstat calls Sevastopol (13.2%), Yakutia — by 11.5%, Peter — 11.3%, and Moscow — 7.8%.

The highest increase of tariffs for utilities is recorded in Sevastopol — 13%, and in Crimea — by 12.4%, Novgorod region — 10.9% and in the Altai, at 9.3%.

Crimeans forced to a summer job in suburban dachas, told the correspondent of “MK” that the prices they have in the stores were almost in Moscow. To justify higher prices and lack of a bridge. After all, the ferry only one cargo truck, costs about 40 thousand rubles (there and back). Locals hope that after the introduction of object in operation all cheaper.

Well and we have nothing to hope for, but just accept rising prices as a given. After all, have nowhere to go with our “submarine”. Need to live and children to raise.

Statistics is not a joke

Compared to last year there are no sharp jumps of the prices, but they are still crawling slowly but surely, as mercury on the same rostovskom the thermometer. Many have overcome the barrier of the official inflation rate of 3.8%, maintaining the trend to further increase. Just look at the comparative label. So, since buckwheat has gained more than 30% sugar and 9.5%, sunflower oil — by almost 5%, fine black tea is 9.7%. The bread has risen, too: black 4.6%, white 3.3%.

Rostovska the minimum food basket since the beginning of the year increased by 6.8% on average in Russia at the end of July amounted to 3819,2 of the ruble. In St. Petersburg it’s worth 4620,2 RUB (+8,5%), in Moscow — 4630,9 (+9,3%). Traditional cost differs Chukotka — more than 9 thousand rubles. But it is cheaper to live in Kursk and Saratov regions, just over 3 thousand.

As shown by surveys conducted in July by VTSIOM, 60% of respondents have noticed the rise in prices of meat, 22% — significant. Almost as many noted the growth of prices for sugar and dairy products. More than half of respondents — bread.

Despite the fact that now is the time low prices of seasonal vegetables and fruits, 55% of citizens believe that they are still expensive. But this is not true. Again, refer to the table. So, all the ingredients of borsch went on to significantly decrease, not to mention the cucumbers and tomatoes. However, low cost last short. Judging by last year, by the end of September will be their price stabilization, and in October will again rise in price. Many will have them to simply give up and wait for the new season.

Berry discord

A rare gathering of guests in August, and especially in suburban nature, is complete without watermelon. The best way to “extinguish” eaten grilled meat or kebab — hot and juicy pulp of this wonder berry. While you’re at it and kidneys of toxins to wash out. So, there comes the solemn moment. The owner makes “stripes” with a weight of 8 kg, cuts up. All the sighing from its ripe. Here, perhaps, and the end positive. What next? Sour smell and taste rancid. A defective product is the compost heap.

Correspondent “MK” could not remain indifferent to this incident and went to chain store of economy class, located in the Central square of a small town Northern suburbs, where, in fact, was bought this ill-fated berry.

Administrator Olga explained that the party arrived from Krasnodar, but complaints from buyers did not arrive yet. And it is clear. The checks we usually throw away. And if saved, then how to prove that you bought a watermelon in this store? There is no label with the name of the trading point and a barcode. You have to accept the wasted money.

The CPS control is, of course, realize, but it’s not going in the store and on the centralized storage. From there, the watermelons go trade networks not only economy but also the middle class.

Where, then, to buy a watermelon, not to be deceived? Maybe the market collapse? Dmitry, a local taxi driver, said, “No, we’re not buying. And in stores too. You can run into. We have near the house for many years has proven the point that there outfit. Puncture has not happened”. Well, check? Purchased the handsome (weighing 10 kg at a price of 23 rubles per 1 kg) were really no trick — ripe and sugar.

With watermelons is more or less clear. In stores to buy them is risky. Well, what about other foods? Where to find the freshest and quality, but still at a reasonable price?

“The feds” lose the Belarusian sausage

Gone are the days when the Russians were buying food from one large retailer. Now we come to the shopping more carefully and selectively. And the new format is a small pavilion with a proven and tasty range — to help us. They are small in size, have warehouse space, but only refrigerators, counter with window and sympathetic staff.

Consider one such point, which presents products from Belarus. Milk products, including cheese, bread, sausage, sausage, sausage, beer, kvass, seeds — the most popular set. The products are not recruiting slogans: “No soy” or “contains No GMOs”, and only the name and the composition of the Belarusian language in the background of national ornament. A distinctive mark of quality. The prices are even below the capital. Having tasted these foods, others do not want.

Or another example is cooking, where a wide range of chilled meat and a variety of burgers with bathe and cabbage rolls. The owner is a private entrepreneur. In a small utility room you desire cut of meat or cook the stuffing. The product does not lie, the people take with pleasure and others recommend.

Interestingly, both the pavilion is located literally next door at the network of the retailer economy, which were discussed above. Crisis healthy competition, do not say anything!

Where we are going, comrades?

By and large few people care about who and how makes ends meet, and even more who you cheated with the watermelon. It’s a personal skosana problem. However, it is closely connected with the state of our economy. What now happens to her?

Take the main indicator — GDP. According to preliminary estimates from Rosstat, the first half of 2016, compared to the same period last year shows a drop of 0.9%. But if you compare all the same 6 months of 2015 with the 2014 year, we get more tangible to 3.7%. That is, the decline continues, but at a slightly slower rate, there is an explicit commitment to zero.

Industrial production is also teetering near zero. If we compare July of this year with the same month of the previous, we get a decline of 0.3%. And the period from January to July of 2016 demonstrated growth of 0.3%. Can not praise our agriculture. During the year it increased by almost 5%.

Well, that quality of life? Nominal gross wages grew by 7.8%, and the real — only 0.6%. And July in comparison with June of this year and all have shown a reduction of 5% and 5.5%, respectively.


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