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Monday, March 12, 2018

Helpful PR more dangerous enemy

Before the new school year well-known TV presenter Vladimir Solovyev gave the Magisterium the country’s unexpected “gift”, with his characteristic integrity, raising the question: “what drunk with joy, the teacher should get as much as I?”

The severity of the problem and a genuine passion in the pedagogical workshops was caused by a strong desire to support the Prime Minister, who advised the young teacher from Dagestan, dissatisfied with his salary, to go into business. The statement hit the Internet and caused a storm of indignation. To lean on the Prime Minister and the head of the ruling party during the election period — a matter of conscience, honor and heroism of the presenter. Nothing personal — there is a consistent and steady advocacy of the public interest. Than, as we know, Vladimir Solovyev history and valuable. But it seems to me that by so doing he rendered the Prime Minister a disservice.

“I earn, not receive. My salary is a function of advertising. With what joy the teacher should obtain as much as a banker or I”? — asks the broadcaster in the heat of the rebuke the presumptuous teacher, equating the level of their income to the profits of the oligarchs. (An interesting revelation, by the way!)

But during that memorable meeting a young teacher from the Republic, where the level of teacher salaries one of the lowest in the country, lamented the fact that the salaries of security forces are growing, and teachers — remain the same. It’s about the fact that teachers ‘ salaries meet the income bankers or partisan political MediaVest, there was not.

As for security officers, their risks in every profession. And I fully understand that the people going to the bullets, risking their lives every day, should receive a higher salary. Especially in a region where, as we know, the increased level of terrorist threat. They have such a work associated with a constant daily risk. This is not a PR daily on television. As called advertising, which earns worthy of Vladimir Solovyov, feel the difference!

The Prime Minister had not sinned against the truth when he stated that in our Fatherland at all times, the profession of teacher did not bring a lot of dividends. No wonder Chekhov in the beginning of the last century wrote that a poor teacher — shame of the country. As Lenin calls to raise teachers to the unattainable height and left good wishes throughout the Soviet and post-Soviet period. In 2012, in accordance with the may decrees of the President, public sector wages were raised. But, to date, inflation ate it all, and the real incomes of teachers have returned by 2013. Here not to fat — be alive.

I personally was not present during that conversation the Prime Minister with the teacher, the context which has another meme. Allow, but do not justify the admitted awkwardness of the wording, is actually reflecting a harsh reality. In our time, to call things by their proper names — inexcusable luxury for a politician. But what exactly was not at this meeting, so this is humiliation of honor and dignity of the teacher.

This feature has voluntarily undertaken a colleague Vladimir Solovyov, and thus, in my opinion, caused irreparable damage to the party and the government during the election period. Why am I, with difficulty overcoming the disgust, the presenter referred to a colleague? Based on biographical information found on the Internet.

The hero of the television studied in an elite special school №27 with the study of some subjects in English, where he trained diplomats, the children and grandchildren of members of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Today it is school No. 1232 with the advanced studying of the English language. Apparently, the school gave its graduate good knowledge of a foreign language, which enabled him in the future for a number of years to live in America. Why school? But not the Institute of steel and alloys, which he, to his credit, he graduated with honors. Therefore, alongside humanitarian disciplines at school was well delivered teaching of mathematics and subjects of a technical cycle.

Amazingly, until 1990, star of TV taught physics, mathematics and astronomy in his native 27th the school.

But finally the time has come when in full Vladimir Solovyev thanked his former teachers and colleagues. By the way, on the eve of the new academic year, urging “stop the eternal aspiration of love to the teachers,” he cuts the truth-womb: “I what all teachers remember the good word?” As Stanislavsky used to say, believe me, not all. What to do — a mass profession, in contrast to the set of anchors, when applying the casting is not carried out.

“All people have bad dreams about school.” But it is as lucky. (In parenthesis, I note that after a nightly talk-show Vladimir Solovyov expect sweet dreams is not necessary.)

Finally, the hard-boiled wit gives way to break out emotions: “teacher training institutions are full of rabble, which is no can get. And so they should receive as the bankers, no less than the warblers?”

Here it is — the moment of truth! Bravo TV host! Blue eye expressing this disgusting and offensive passage in the address of the million plus people, you have finally reached the goal. Convinced me of the existence in the country of a fifth column that undermines the foundations of the state. One of two things: either you have exposed their own baseness, or discovered a terrible state secret. After your speech all the talk about raising the prestige of teacher’s work look like a hoax. We think. Low electoral nod for it.


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