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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Among the accomplices of the saboteurs was the wife of the former Opera

Ukraine has decided to strengthen the border with Crimea “sheriffs”, which will recruit former soldiers of the ATO. In September three patrols on the border with Crimea, areas, Chaplynka, Kalanchak, and Henichesk travel 150 former “atoshnik”. Spreading such information, the Ukrainian authorities as a hint: the security threat emanating from the territory of Crimea, and not Vice versa. Meanwhile receive more details the case of the breakthrough of the Ukrainian saboteurs on the Peninsula of 6-7 August.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The correspondent of the newspaper “Life”, went in the zone of special operations in the North of the Crimea, found out the names of the two detained local residents who are accused of aiding terrorists. This 27-year-old wife of the former chief of criminal investigation Department of the Krasnoperekopsk Igor frycz — Tatiana Fritsch and Turks Hafiz from the village of Suvorovo, who moved to a residence in the Crimea 10 years ago. And Tatiana, and Hafiz, were injured during the arrest because he tried to escape from spetsgruppy on a white “Skoda”. The group of detention arrived at the home Pricey in the village state farm call a neighbor, who had noticed suspicious men in camouflage comes out of the house and loaded in the trunk of some boxes. It was the next day after the shooting by Armenians. When the SWAT team arrived in state farm, the militants were no longer there. But the mistress of the house Tatyana Fritsch, seeing “Ural” with the military, jumped into the “Skoda” and tried to escape. To intercept the car had to send a helicopter. The car stopped only after it opened fire ( shooting in the air, the fugitives did not respond). Driving a wounded car was a citizen of Turkey Hafiz, were slightly injured, and next to him — Tatiana Fritsch, where the bullets hit in the stomach and thigh. They were both taken to the hospital of Simferopol.

Why Fritsch ran away layers of the head, it became clear after conducting a search in her house: they had discovered 20 IEDs with a total capacity of more than 40 kg of TNT, anti-personnel mines and magnetic mines as well as grenades and special weapons, which have the units of the army of Ukraine. How could all this get in 27-year-old Crimean women? Neighbors of the family told reporters that Tatiana was moonlighting “taxi driver” – moving through border of people and goods. Could the money to deal with the transfer of weapons: the good, the bad protected paths she knew well. Now in the Crimea arguing over who one is attracted to aiding terrorists: Turk Hafez, Tatiana, or she him? Experts believe that to attract a Turkish citizen to business could it was a woman. And even misleading for what purpose. Since the terrorist attacks in the Crimea was planned for 8 August — Erdogan’s visit to Russia, it is likely that if they failed, near one of the places stocks would be the corpse of a Turk. Perhaps he was trained as a “victim”, which was put on the “Turkish trail”.

Not a dream role in this story, the wife Tatyana Fritsch — 38-year-old Igor Fritsch. The former chief of the criminal investigation Department in Krasnoperekopske was known for his violent temper and the fact that he could, in neobhodimosti, “make mean”. According to local residents, ornov his poprosili for addiction to alcohol. However, he in the village state farm had not lived, he had an apartment in Sochi, and it would be unlikely to have a cache of weapons in his house. Rather, Tatiana believed that “in the country” former Opera no a search will not do. Igor Fritsch was detained on 8 August, but once released under a recognizance not to leave, can confirm the version about its participation in the case.

Meanwhile, help to expose the saboteurs Ukrainian users of social networks. For example, one of the bloggers recalled that the head of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko in 2015 “light up” almost the whole staff of the Directorate of special operations. On the official website of the General staff in social networks was posted a report on the meeting with the officers of the special forces. Information attached and a photo of the meeting. So all SWAT officers were put on public display. Even then, the volunteers demanded to bring Muzhenko to responsibility for divulging state secrets. Photo from the official website removed, but all who need it have already seen and, more importantly, retain. So now just began to collate the detainees with the photos. Allegedly among those who listened attentively to the head of the General staff Muzhenko in 2015-m to year, was identified and detained Evgeniy Panov, who is Ukrainian media continue to call “driver from Energodar”.


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