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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Pentagon reassures Poroshenko raving war

Cost of Petro Poroshenko to declare a possible “full-scale military invasion of Russia”, as the US Ambassador in Kiev has announced the delivery of military assistance to the Square to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.” However, it is not clear what was discussed: the bullet-proof vests, helmets and mattresses, or a lethal weapon. To calm the Ukrainian leader and his Ambassador had the Pentagon. In the U.S. military say they do not see signs of Russia’s preparations for war, and all the teachings of Russian soldiers are in accordance with the plan.

Poroshenko in anticipation of Russian aggression. And Russia on war was not. Photo: president.gov.ua

On the eve of the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt made two statements. According to him, the economic situation in Kiev is relatively stable and does not require injections of IMF funds, and that’s what Square really need is military aid. In an interview with Ukrainian media, Payette said: “I’m very proud of what has been achieved — and our military exercises in Yavoriv, and modern weapons, even more thousands of night vision devices. New deliveries will be in the coming days”. According to official information, the US has supplied Ukraine anything, just not a lethal weapon. “Laser simulation system of tactical actions MILES, Harris radios, medical equipment, devices for demining of the area, devices of night vision and thermal imagers”, — was transferred to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. However, the DNR has repeatedly stated that the US has supplied Ukraine and anti-tank weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles… the Delivery went according to plan. And why is it suddenly now, immediately after the words Poroshenko about a possible massive Russian offensive, Payette suddenly started talking about a new urgent deliveries?

Simultaneously with the invasion of Russia Poroshenko says the people of Ukraine is another story about the imminent cancellation of visa-free regime with the EU. And that, after the eventual introduction of martial law in the country. As it is combined in one row? What is war hysteria of the Ukrainian President, as well as what can cause such an aggravation of the situation “MK”, said the scientists.

Alexander Dudchak, the political scientist, the expert on Ukraine:

Possible introduction of martial law in 2014, saying Poroshenko and Turchinov. This topic is again raised, because the leadership of Ukraine is in trouble. In all areas of failures: no European integration, visa-free regime, the economy collapses… Fulfilling all the requirements of the IMF and other Western organizations, such as dramatically increasing utility rates, any assistance the country received. Ukraine has annoyed European partners. In conditions of declining interest in her, Ukraine needs to remind yourself. To tell about the horrors of a possible outbreak of war, on the introduction of martial law. However, even if this happens, it’s nothing for Ukraine will not. It will only hasten the end of the current Ukrainian authorities. And if we talk about the population, those people who live in the conflict zone, and so exist in a regime of martial law, and those who live in Kiev, Odessa or Lviv, trying not to hear about a possible war. They’re trying to live in a different reality.

Denis DENISOV, head of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute:

Poroshenko is held hostage by their militant rhetoric and the situation that has developed around him. If he stops to say such things in official propaganda lost the image of the enemy and the authorities will be difficult to explain why Ukraine is in such crisis. Therefore, such statements Poroshenko calculated solely on the media, which have to fool Ukrainians. But the population already understands that all the problems of modern Ukraine are related to corruption, bureaucracy, the fact that the government actually stolen, and the political elite continues to be comfortable enough to live, and the rest of the country lives worse and worse… don’t trust Poroshenko about 2/3 of Ukrainians.


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