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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The new Minister of education: good or bad candidate?

Dmitry Livanov has replaced on a post of the Minister of education and science Olga Vasilieva, who previously held the position of Deputy chief of Department of social projects of the presidential Administration. With the question of how logical and a good is another of Putin’s reshuffle, we turned to the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education (CPRF), Oleg Smolin.

photo: mggeu.ru

– Oleg Nikolaevich, how unexpected, you was the resignation of Livanov? And are you surprised that the replacement?

– First, the resignation of Livanov is, in the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an event which cast its shadow far ahead. That such resignation is overdue, said a long time ago. More than three years ago all three of the four leaders of the Duma factions asked this question to the President. If you believe the audience, Mr Putin then laughed it off. Like, you earlier Fursenko did not like, now Lebanon…. “Maybe you Fursenko back?”. As for the candidature of Olga Vasilyeva, it is, as I understand it, nobody guessed. Talked about different candidates, including my boss on the Committee, Vyacheslav Nikonov. Called Yaroslav Kuzminov, and even Sergei Glazyev. Not her.

– You also did not guess?

– I never tried to guess the destination, which makes Mr Putin, because he knew that to predict their impossible. Give me the scientists who predicted, for example, the appearance as the Prime Ministers Fradkov or Zubkov? In my opinion, such was not. Nevertheless, I believe that Olga at least in my view – needs to be a good Minister of education and science. I know her well enough: we worked together in the Commission on Affairs of disabled under the President. And you know good side. Know that she worries about Russian education. Publicly on the Commission, she repeatedly criticized the decision of the Ministry of education and science. I know that in spite of high administrative positions, she has retained human qualities, the human relation to children and students. I personally watched it, especially at a University where teaching students with disabilities. In General, for me Olga makes a favorable impression. Frankly, I humanly likable. I hope she is not a man of power in the formation and education of man in power.

Well her first statement too, I think, are encouraging. Olga theologian, but when asked if she’s going to make the slope in the direction of religious education, she replied in the negative. And, by the way, in a personal communication I never saw that she was going to retreat from the principles of secular education. In short, we belong to the new Minister with hope. It’s a good candidate. Of course, we understand that the government is a unified team, where everyone must obey the General rules. Otherwise he’s not going to hold. But in the limited opportunities you can behave one way and you another.

You can use the position in order to protect the best of what we have preserved in the education system. And in light of the technocratic approach to hold, as they said at the time, reform without population. Ignoring the opinion of the educational community. And we think that professors, rectors, Directors of academic institutions is the people are not stupid. And so the education should be like in real life: that of love and harmony, that is good. And the fact that through the knee, through violence it worse.

– Whether the new education Minister to call an ideological opponent Livanov?

– Judging by what I heard in person and partly on the presidential Commission on persons with disabilities, I would say: Yes. I can’t retell what he heard in private conversations. Olga will tell about itself, if deemed necessary. But publicly sounded pretty harsh criticism of the bureaucratization of education. Indicators, reports, paper substitute for living a real job with a University and high-school teams. I hope that Olga will have a supporter of education living, not the dead, technocratic.

– According to official information, the candidacy Vasilyeva suggested the Prime Minister. But frankly, there are serious doubts that this is Medvedev’s candidacy.

– I have no information, I have intuition. I guess that was observed politesse. Either Mr Putin or the leaders of the presidential administration probably first discussed this issue with Dmitry Anatolyevich. And then he had offered her away.


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