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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Ministry of education was transformed into the Ministry of education

The change of the Minister of education was not an ordinary replacement of one official to another. Appointment to the post of Minister Olga Vasilyeva, a teacher and specialist in the history of the Russian Church in the Soviet period, a man with a distinct Patriotic views, means that after the Ministry of culture the second Agency of so-called social unit is headed by not just official, but a man for whom the most important meaning, not form.

Until 19 August, the 56-year-old Olga Vasiliev was known in narrow circles of historians, those interested in the history of the Russian Church of the 20th century, and regional officials, who studied at the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President.

“Come into the power of ideologically motivated people, people with distinct Patriotic views – not opportunistic opportunists and not bureaucrats-technocrats”

Doctor of historical science Vasiliev ten years headed the Department of Church-state relations at the presidential Academy, but at the beginning of the tenth went to the officials, becoming the first Deputy Director of the Department of culture of government office, then Deputy head of Department on public projects of the presidential administration.

Although the resignation of Dmitry Livanov said a long time ago, selecting as his sensiti exactly Vasilyeva was, of course, a complete surprise. Although in reality the appointment of people of its warehouse and views there is a large historical pattern. Because the power come ideologically motivated people, people with distinct Patriotic views – not opportunistic opportunists, not bureaucrats-technocrats, namely, those who know the history of their country and believe in its power.

Vasilyeva, of course, have to solve a lot of administrative tasks – but the fact that the Kremlin chose for the post of the Minister of education is such a candidate, shows that there is an understanding that the work on the future (and education because that is what) should be done by those who are confident in the Russian forces.

Now start a massive attack liberals-cosmopolitans on the new Minister – she will remember everything from their point of view, “seditious” statements. For example, she calls “the favorite of the Emperor Alexander the Third, or offers to call collaborators simply in Russian traitors. Or recalls:

“Our country is the only country in the world, which after 1917 in 1991, survived the second socio-political crisis. As in the post-revolutionary period up to 1934 and the period of time from 1991 to 2002, about patriotism did not say, the very concept of patriotism, love of country, heroism was eradicated absent in the public consciousness”.

And despite the fact that Vasilyev’s a very academic person – weighted, neat, intelligent. But it is a person, who does not hide his views, Patriotic and in fact, and form, and derive from a good knowledge of Russian history and not from the schemes and matrices.

It has for many years engaged in the history of the Russian Church in the 20th century – her master’s and doctorate on the relations of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Soviet government during the war and early postwar years. That is, Vasiliev examines the period when Stalin restored the Patriarchate and returned to the Church part of the closed churches – an event that most clearly marked the Patriotic turn of former Bolsheviks, more recently, shot priests, and almost drove the Church underground. And it was the first, albeit clumsy, attempt stitching together the broken Russian history – along with the return of the officer ranks and the rehabilitation of many events of Russian history.

Now Russia is experiencing a broadly similar period after Russophobic liberal years, when the society almost in plain text taught that the whole Russian history consists of crimes and abominations, Putin began the rehabilitation of the whole of Russian history, stitching it into a whole where there are no angels, no demons, and there are real, valuable examples of heroism and betrayal, of labour and of doubt, all forms of searching truth, which survived the Russian people and created them a state and civilization.

This process is even more difficult than the return of the state arms control and monitor the budget – because the ideological field was Packed with people, almost did not conceal their Russophobia that they took the form of anti-Sovietism or hatred of the monarchy or the Church. The fracture occurred at the beginning of the tenth – when Putin returned to the Kremlin. The government began to seriously pursue meanings, to sincerely talk about patriotism, to fight for the past – that is for the future of Russia.

And certainly not by chance that the historian Vasiliev it was then, in 2012, went to officials at the Department of culture of the government, and a year in the office of the presidential administration that deals with the meanings and ideology. Vasiliev not only oversaw the implementation of the national project on education, but was among those who “promote patriotism” – but not as a “project”, but as natural feelings of love, knowledge and respect for their Homeland and its history. Here is one of her statements of five years ago:

“I think the history of the twentieth century, now again becomes very politicized. And some people try to write this story only in black paint. But we can’t be another history, another country, we can have only one homeland in which we live. Homeland went through hardships in the Soviet era, but there were periods of majestic. Even if you remember, for example, virgin, which is sometimes written ironically critical. But the result was that these actually lifeless place into a blooming areas. Black and white goes always there positives and negatives there are in any phenomenon. And very importantly, with what feelings towards the country in which you live, to your Home, you analyze it and sweep through one or another historical event.

If you don’t like neither this country nor these people nor all that is connected with you and this country, then you will only see black and will try to impose it’s black all others. If you see love, you’ll see it black, but will try to make it black are unable to repeat. Black always accompanied by excellent examples. Unfortunately, these beautiful examples of heroism, courage, and love for their country – we are trying increasingly to gloss over”

Education is not the Bologna system and do not use this knowledge in combination with meanings and values, which are used in education, upbringing, and education of the child. And what historian and teacher and Vasiliev lectures not only in Ranepa, but in the Sretensky theological Seminary – will lead the Ministry of education, means that our school will be a turn towards enlightenment. It’s so early and it was called the Ministry.

Science, high status teachers, the revival of the best traditions of the higher school – is very important for Russian education. But without understanding who we are, where we come from and where we are going, it is all pointless and won’t be able to be properly organised.

It is unknown if it will work Olga Vasilyeva be a good Minister of education – but it will try to return the sense to the cause of national education.


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