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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Russia will return to the national project on education

On Saturday at the all-Russian teachers ‘ meeting, Dmitry Medvedev presented the head of the Ministry Olga Vasiliev, who promised to improve the system of preparation for the exam. The Prime Minister assured that the government is ready to adjust the payment system for teachers taking into account their wishes and return to the national project on education. He also spoke about the pace of construction of new schools and what they should be.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has presented at a plenary session of all-Russia August meeting of pedagogical workers the new head of the Ministry of education Olga Vasilyeva: “I will Say two words, just to hand over the reins and at the same time to introduce the new Minister of education and science Olga Yurievna Vasilieva. I beg to love and favor,” – said Medvedev.

“Back to the old principles of calculating wages”

“We’re going back to the national project, which has played a very positive role in the transition of the school in the modern dimension”

In turn, Vasiliev noted that traditionally the pedagogical meetings are in August and they are talking about the tasks that need to be resolved in the next year, but for the first time such a meeting has all-Russian importance.”

In petsveterinary part 83 of the region, 680 representatives of state Executive authorities, educational, parental and professional public.

“The meeting highlighted the issues of work on the orders of the President and government of Russia, was given the opportunity to analyze the current situation and to discuss problems faced by children and parents issues,” – said Vasilyev.

During the meeting, Medvedev spoke about the government’s willingness to adjust the remuneration system for teachers taking into account the wishes of teachers. “You can go back to some old principles of calculation of wages, mean the base part of the salary, allowances and so on. Can preserve those principles that exist today, when the main decisions taken at school level”, – said Medvedev.

He stressed that the government will try to find funds to increase salaries of teachers of additional education. “I made mikropro among your colleagues, when in the narrow part of the spoke – said the Prime Minister. – I understand that all support the idea of increasing wages for teachers of additional education”.

Even the Prime Minister spoke about the day before he signed the order about purchase of school buses for the regions. “It’s 1800 buses in 2016 for a total amount of three billion rubles,” – said Medvedev.

According to him, the school building programme will be fulfilled despite the economic difficulties. This year will be built about 100 schools that will give 50 thousand training places, but “this is the beginning”, and only until 2025 will be created 6.5 million jobs. He called for the establishment of modern schools projects that they have margin and not have to redo in a few years.

In addition, the Prime Minister outlined plans to convene soon a meeting of the Presidium of the Council on priority projects for the school. “This means that we are returning to a national project, which has played a very positive role in the transition of the school into a modern dimension,” he said.

After the event Vasilieva in an interview with reporters said that preparing for the exam and its delivery will improve. “I think this is a very important opportunity for the eleventh-grader who graduated from high school, I stress, from any region of the country, to enroll in a particular University, in which, say, a decade ago it was even difficult to dream about this admission – that there is a opportunity which it gives of the exam,” said the Minister.

Recall the disadvantages of the exam was one of the moments that criticized the work of the former Minister Dmitry Livanov. In particular, in 2014, many graduates are unable to score on the state exam minimum score, which had to be reduced.

“Change the whole social atmosphere around education

Member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”, political analyst Dmitry Orlov said that the Prime Minister and the leader of the EP “stands for a radical correction of the educational reform in the public interest, and professional teaching, University teaching community.”

“It is important to change the whole social atmosphere of education and science. I think the new Minister is aimed precisely at this – to dialogue with society, the elite and the professional community. I think the “Allergy” and in professional environments, and the population, which caused the former Minister of education, now will be offset, because Vasiliev – the person, much more meet the demands of society, professional community. We will see the rise of a public debate on the development of the education sector, will see the transformation from “impersonal managersteve”, from the approach when changes, structural reforms carried out without regard to the people, without the discussion turning into the people and their interests”, – concluded the eagles.

That Vasiliev will replace the post of the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov became known yesterday. Vasiliev began his career as a school teacher. After postgraduate and Ph. D. he worked at the Institute of history, Academy of Sciences. In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis. In 2002 headed the Department of the Russian Academy of civil service. Was the author of more than 160 scientific articles and eight monographs.

In 2012 was appointed Deputy Director of the Department of culture under the government that helped her realize the principle of government from the inside. 2013 Vasilyeva – Deputy head of presidential administration on public projects. In this position, he supervised projects in the field of education. Interacted with public associations and other civil society organisations from this area.


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