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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Putin explained why Kiev provocations in Crimea

It seems that the arrival of Vladimir Putin in the Crimea in August (mid-month plus or minus a few days) became a habit with the President over the past three years. Although, of course, one of this month’s presidential visits to the Peninsula are not limited. In August this year the Crimean visit of the head of state was marked by a statement about the future of relations with Ukraine, personnel changes and visit the youth forum “Tavrida”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In August 2014, Putin arrived to Crimea and spoke to members of the Federal Assembly, and last August went down on the submarine into the sea near Sevastopol. This year the last month of summer was no exception. Although it should be noted that now the President went to the Crimea on the background of dramatic events. A couple of weeks ago, as you know, in the North of the Peninsula clashes, which killed two Russian security forces, after which Putin essentially accused the authorities of Ukraine in terrorist actions.

Add to this the recent change of Governor of Sevastopol Sergei meniailo on Dmitry Ovsyannikov. And let’s not forget the transfer of the Crimea to the southern Federal district. Not to mention the other pressing issues and everyday challenges.

But is the recent attempt by terrorists to break into the Crimea became the main theme of the meeting of Putin with members of the Russian security Council in Belbek: “we have Gathered known about, after the incident, after the suppression of the penetration attempt on the territory of the sabotage units of the Ukrainian army. Apparently, our partners in Kiev decided to escalate the situation, and I can see why they did it.” And did, according to the President, because they do not want or can not perform the Minsk agreement. And also can’t explain the failures in the socio-economic policy of Ukraine. At the same time, GDP in a rather peace-loving-optimistic tones spoke about the future relations with our Ukrainian neighbors: despite the reluctance of the Kiev authorities maintain with Russia a full-fledged diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level, Moscow is going to create opportunities for communication and their development. (Note that this week Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has made the rupture of diplomatic relations with Kiev.) And about the recent events in Crimea that led to the deaths of people, the President said he hoped that these actions “will not be the final choice of our partners and common sense will prevail”.

And even personnel changes in the MoE, voiced by the head of state on Friday, had — albeit indirectly — related to Ukraine and Crimea. Set aside the Minister of education Livanov cast for the office of President’s special representative on trade and economic ties with Kiev. The head of the education Department assigned to the employee of presidential administration Olga Vasilyeva, doctor of historical Sciences, a thesis on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and worked in the Institute of Russian history. A portrait of her with a parting quote (“Love to Homeland is a trait of being a citizen of Russia”) can be seen on the stand at the youth camp “Tauris”, where the President went from Sevastopol.

Yes, initially it was obvious that the Crimean trip of the President does not bore the imprint of holiday flair. But the opportunity to look at actively and creatively tourists on the black sea coast, the President still appeared. The second part of the program of stay of the head of state on the Peninsula was held at the Bakal spit, in the North-West of the Crimea. There before last year, the all-Russian youth educational forum “Tavrida”, which gathers creative youth from all over Russia. Now the camp is held the sixth change — “Young Directors, producers and actors of theatre and cinema”. The guys present their projects in various fields — from theatre and feature films to animation and animation. And get the lessons from communicating with real “classics and contemporaries”, giving the younger generation workshops. Among them the journalist “MK”, for example, was seen by actor Alexey Guskov.

Pending detained with the arrival of the President the inhabitants of Tauris” is clearly not languished in idleness, and doing their usual business. Someone was rehearsing a dance camp, someone went to the beach on his hands, someone was playing volleyball and someone was playing very nice Blues tunes. And someone seriously indulged in a Siesta, lounging in the shade on the soft cushions.

Bakal spit (Crimea).


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