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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ilya Lagutenko: rock-gourmet Eastern Mosconi

“Fans are eager to celebrate together with us the same journey in 1997, which proved to be a turning point in the history of “MT”, – says the musician. His team surprised the audience eccentric songs, the obvious charisma and dissimilarity to other rock bands. For 20 years he managed to pleasantly shock the audience with many curious plates and open in his native Vladivostok own V-Rox festival with these musical delicacies cuisine, for example, from Korea and Japan. “MK” talked to the founder of a unique open-air about the prospects, trends and his personal musical taste.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Ilya Lagutenko.

– Ilya, as the festival has evolved over the years?

– It began with my unbridled desire to make Vladivostok a center of gravity of the musical trends of the Asia-Tihookeanskogo in the region, to build a base for cultural exchange of ideas and communication of the Russian far Eastern musicians and their foreign neighbors. Over a four year music program proved its worth, the festival is known and respected far beyond the borders of Primorye, however, the main component became more continuous dialogue with his audience. Given the experience and feedback, this year we made a special stage for local artists, continue to develop the program, said the workshops on the theme of healthy lifestyles, and sporting events. I understand. what the viewer can get lost in a whirlwind of events, and suddenly we are not able to inspire “everyone.” It’s a long and patient process to build a new cultural platform, but I believe that every year more and more “just spectators” of the festival become full participants.

– What group were you the opening?

– At first, participants became groups that I’ve personally “discover” for themselves on other stages around the world. We had to convince them to come tell about Vladivostok. However, the last few years, since we opened the registration online, we began receiving thousands of messages from around the world. So now the majority of the participants for me a mystery until they take the stage. I remember literally every performance and the audience reaction, which does not spend it, they vote from the heart, which is my main criterion. My personal top 5 big scene over five years: NO Brain (South Korea), Instrumenti (Latvia) “Marlins” (Vladivostok), Hanni El Khatib (USA), Second Hand Rose (China). As for the club scene, I think this speech of the Queen of Vietnamese hip-hop, Suboi, and, of course, the concert of the flamboyant rapper Mykki Blanco. I think the regulars of the Vladivostok club thought that happened after the invasion of aliens.

– Why you so many years interested in doing this event?

– I believe that Vladivostok could be the city that will unite the West and the East. Very gradually and painstakingly we are building a cultural platform, which brings together delegates from around the world, far Eastern musicians and listeners. It could also Los Angeles, quite remote from capitals of the world, become the world center concert industry. And we, being from Tokyo in the hour, we continue to perceive each other as exotic. As for the music, for me it is important that bloomed a local far Eastern scene. Currently it doesn’t have a “face”, and there are separate, disparate groups and performers who have not yet come to any global implementation. Nevertheless, the result of the work is already there. In July, the first time the Vladivostok group Starcardigan went on official tour to China, and I understand that they will return and turn out to be pioneers. And they will go out with some other musicians. Seaside rockers Hays, Gospel Tramp master South Korean open-air and raise your level of performances and recordings.

– The organizers of many Russian festivals (especially last year) said that in the crisis to hold events and grow harder. If you encounter some difficulties in this situation, and how do you manage to overcome them?

– The crisis could not have not be affected, because the international festival involves inviting participants from different countries, ticket prices, accommodation and so on. Budget to reach Vladivostok and not under the power of any young artists from the Urals or from Rostov. The city is still a terrible situation with the hotels. They simply do not have enough even for those desperate music tourists who stop at the V-ROX from Siberia and other parts of the Far East. Talk about visa-free entrance to Vladivostok and hung in the air. But we have two years ago, has established partnerships with the largest festivalnyi promoters in Japan. The Japanese audience is very popular to go for their favorite artists in other countries. It definitely could contribute to the development of tourism. We receive no funding from the administration and still do the concerts are free to the public.

– The far Eastern audiences are different, say, from the capital and St. Petersburg?

– So, of course, that she is not as spoiled as Moscow and St. Petersburg, a number of speakers here artists. Yet the far East is so open and friendly that it is a notice to all delegates of the festival. We have for three years there was no mass actor, and at the festival come tens of thousands of people. Our viewers appreciate what is happening on stage here and now, respond to this.

Rock by Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Chinese musicians it seems to many in Russia, the phenomenon is rather exotic. How you perceive this music? How actively developing today this scene?

– This is a very interesting world that I watch for decades. I am generally attracted to everything new, unusual and, as you say, “exotic”. The more interest in Asia when I was a kid, in high school, I taught Chinese language, and then entered the faculty of Oriental studies. The Asian music market is actively developing and experimenting with formats and genres. The festival gives the opportunity to meet with its representatives. For example, love vladivostoktsev last year earned bright Chinese band Second Hand Rose, the same value at home as we have DDT. However, they use visual techniques of the Beijing Opera and the village cabaret. It seems to me that we are in thrall to stereotypes and have little information about what is actually happening in the Asian rock. Every year we open the Mongolian rock scene. The band Mohanik, for example, can be quite a modern analogue Led Zeppelin. By the way, this year, V-ROX, held in Ulan Bator. We partner with South Korean Zandari festival. This is the best platform where you can learn about the independent scene in this country. AzBus – expressive grunge band after the gig we received several proposals for concerts in Moscow.

– How is the program of this festival from the previous ones?

This year its motto is “People.Art.Space, and we expanded its program. In addition to the daily and nightly concerts and lectures, had made a special film program with the premiere screening of the film “SOS sailor!”, workshops on the topic of healthy lifestyle and sporting events. As for lainaa, geography has been enriched with Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, in total we had declared 150 participants from 15 countries. Most of the musicians in Vladivostok, and in Russia – for the first time. And of course, we have prepared surprises for the audience — from the Soviet leading space rock band “zodiac” to Internet sensation, schoolgirl Lisa’s Monetki.


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