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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

If the new Minister of education to anyone not familiar — there must be a pawn

Not enough good words to say about the retired Minister of education Dmitry Livanov. Most people blamed officials for worsening the education, but some believe that he was just a pawn in the hands of the authorities. What is the failure of the official? And what are the chances of the new head of the Ministry of education?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

– I launched a Facebook HB is a rumor, of course, but hearing the ridiculous: a retired Minister of education wants to throw the decision of problems of gardeners. And it creates the authority for the development of horticulture in Russia. Well, if you’re lying, and if not? laughs, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications of the state Duma of Russia Andrey Tumanov. – A joke’s a joke — and I personally the Minister of agriculture were acquainted with him. I talked several times with Mr. Livanov. I can say that he is a smart man, very tough, very specific, a great performer. All the dogs which he hanged, he must be unworthy, he’s just the executor of someone’s will. Good performers have little, and his new work will be linked to the fact that it is not necessary to have your own opinion, and need to obey orders, no matter what, despite the fact that you criticize. Another would have long since hung up — and have you noticed that Dmitry Livanov never even blushed on the people? Him and reporters who kicked — and he doesn’t care! Such people are like gold among officials. Important not professional, first of all, people who clearly blindly take a hit. Did a dirty trick — he will not suffer from this.

Human features modern officials do not need want robots, says the MP: “I once met Yuri Luzhkov in the plane, talking. Tell him: “You remember the good word.” He was surprised: “Why?” “Well, why? Previously, if there was corruption, it was corruption with a human face”. And now a lot of robots that clearly fulfill the will of their superiors. No law, no instructions, and it will. Dmitry Livanov — the lovely red-tape-monger. He will do what he ordered. Say — conduct of Ministers on the execution — it with the same facial expression will carry them and put up against the wall. Say — to reward, it will be nice to reward them and say how great it is, how much benefit is awarded. In General, what do you say, will do”.

– However, Livanov leave. What did he do wrong?

– Critical mass. For example, I have not seen in the Duma, not a single person who would think about Others saying something good, who just defended him. It has some features, when all are absolutely against. Yes, he took the hit, held it perfectly fulfilled its functions. Now it is necessary to change to another. By the way, these Ministers of buffers receiving a hit, a lot. And keep it in order, so to make it quick to change, and considered them sins. Remember how at one time everything was blamed on Kiriyenko? Kind of like he defaulted… the Most important thing for the official — friendly base Dating. The more acquaintances, the easier it is to live. From Livanov in this sense, all is well, his shoulder set up. No need to worry about his fate.

– What to expect from the next Secretary of education?

– Livanov had nowhere to go from the line, which he began to conduct. Any deviation from the Federal lines — it feels like a weakness. And he wanted to be considered strong. Now comes another Minister — or rather, the other Minister, Olga Vasilyeva. It is, in my opinion, of course, will try to adjust this line, that was not so stupidly, as in this Evening. But in this case, I think, is likely to be decoration, because the Ministers… It seems to us that Ministers are sitting very high and everything is decided. In fact, the Minister does not solve anything. The Minister does not have a brain center. The Minister is first and foremost a performer, he never engaged in creative work. For the Minister who has to think. And here Olga Vasilyeva — person closed, few people knows it…

– Maybe it’s good that important position put unknown public man?

– If the person is not hearing and not on sight — so he’s still non-professional politician, he is a grey cardinal. The Minister — it’s still a public office. The staging of the gray eminences in public office is not very good. There are different professions: to be a gray Eminence and to be a public person. Unfortunately, all mingled — and in the Duma there’re so many people that nobody knows. This is wrong: even if people will not think tanks, but they should not be afraid to speak. And the Minister is not a think tank, is a kind of communication between the Administration, the President himself, other people. The Minister should be a sweetheart with all find a common language with all to be able to communicate, keep track of the current situation in their region. There are also examples of great Ministers: the Ministers of the Ministry of emergency situations — both previous and current, no bad words will not say!


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