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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Engineers have determined in half a century to create the first space Elevator

An international group of experts representing the UK, Canada, Norway, USA and Japan, in the ongoing today in Seattle scientific conference to discuss the concept of building the space Elevator. Such a device would allow to deliver cargo from Earth to the space station without the use of missiles.

photo: pixabay.com

The station needed to use the space Elevator must be at geosynchronous orbit, that is constantly “hanging” over one point, making a revolution around the Earth in the same amount of time during which the planet itself rotates around its axis. He space Elevator will have to be a durable wire that can withstand the weight delivered to orbit cargo.

During the conference, discussing the many details of project implementation, including the parameters that should have a space station, the tension and other parameters of the cable, as well as the principles on which could be the connection between the various elements of the space Elevator and the point at which it would be necessary to create. The study in the future it is planned to carry out mathematical modeling of the project.

Experts suggest that the lift to transfer the cargo between the earth and the orbit should be placed near the equator, thus this should be the chosen site is characterized as podhajski weather conditions and the most stable political environment.

Experts admit that in the very near future the implementation of the project of the space Elevator should not be expected, because today simply do not exist enough strong material to ensure its work in earthly terms (although to build a space Elevator on the moon or Mars, where gravity is much lower, hypothetically it would be really even now). However, the participants hope that after half a century of heavy-duty materials will already be developed, and technical issues concerning the construction of a space Elevator — resolved.


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