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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why Putin fired Livanov

Today the holiday at children, exults pioneers — and no, we have not visited Lavrentiy Beria, as they say on in this children’s poem of the Stalinist era. We — the students, their parents and their teachers — there was something much more joyful: Putin dismissed the Minister of education. To replace turned into a very odious figure Dmitry Livanov came virtually unknown to the wider public employee of the presidential administration Olga Vasilyeva.

photo: kremlin.ru

And to all of the many “fans” of the ex-Minister of education is even more happy, he was made in the same manner in which the Russian tsars did fall from grace nobles. The count Dmitry Livanov, of course, not planted. But granted to him by Vladimir Putin, the new position sounds like outright mockery. Special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on trade and economic relations with Ukraine on the background of the current “benevolent” of relations between Moscow and Kiev, the holder of a “cushy job” is not to be envied.

The reason for such interesting personnel changes? In order to answer this question, it is enough to glance at the calendar. A decree on the resignation of Dmitry Livanov GDP signed on 19 August. And less than a month away — September 18 — the country should pass elections in the State Duma. Of course, our government is interested in the fact that Russian voters went to this event very responsibly and how to vote. And in the Kremlin understand that the voters voted right, they need to create a variety of incentives. The resignation of Dmitry Livanov is one of those incentives. In the best traditions of the election of the now former Minister of education made a “ritual sacrifice”.

Of course, voters are not fools. If they had a choice, they would prefer not “head of the Minister on a platter”, but something more material and tangible – for example, any additional social benefits or other good news of a financial nature. And it is possible that in the remaining few weeks of this “good news” will follow. But the fact that the process of sweet talk voters government began with the demonstrative flogging of the Minister of education, personally I am not surprised. How did our dear Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, “no money”. The state does not have the physical ability to indulge the citizens with “bread”. So you have to focus on the “spectacle”.

But all this, as they say, the political side of the issue — the side that is very interested in the Russian political elite but not the masses. Russian citizens worried about something else: whether by changing the Minister to reverse or at least slow clearly emerging in our country, the process of progressive degradation of the education system? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is far from obvious.

I must confess: until today, I did not even know about the existence of Olga Vasilyeva, which GDP has been appointed as the new Minister of education. But her previous post sounds like the Deputy head of the Kremlin administration on public projects. And in my eyes is a sign of quality. The controller Pavel Zenkovich is, despite its non-public, one of the most prominent Kremlin officials, is a man of action, a figure which is not interested in maximizing the creation of unnecessary papers, and in the real change our lives for the better.

Maybe my evaluation is too subjective and personal. But I tend to give Olga Vasilyeva quite significant credibility. However, is it enough to change the Minister of education to change to better the situation in this extremely important for all sphere of our life? It seems to me that a change of Minister can only be the beginning of a process of output of our education system out of the impasse in which it now is. If the change of the Minister will be limited bad.

I do not consider myself an authority in the field of pedagogy. But in order to put our education system f or unit, then, in fact, is not required. Once the Soviet system of education allowed the USSR to catch up and overtake US in the technological race. The modern Russian model of public education has a real chance to throw our country to the third world. We are trapped created by a combination of incompetence, it is quite good and even noble ideas and ill-conceived transfer on our soil Western educational standards. As a result, schools and universities stamp of “experts” who can’t think and not know the basics, but brilliantly able to put a tick in the box.

For all these reasons, I want to appeal to our government with the most serious of the petition is to appeal not as a journalist, and as a voter: thank you, good Lord, for the gift of dismissal of Livanov. Don’t know about others, but I this gift is very much appreciated. But remember that on the day after the elections life in the country is not over and the need for improvements in education will not disappear. I hope that before the presidential elections in 2018, the Kremlin does not have reason to make population another gift in the form of dismissal is now the new Minister of education, the present day heroine of Olga Vasilyeva.

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