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Friday, March 16, 2018

The new artistic Director of the walking wheel

The hall slowly fills up, and at some point it seems that will remain half empty. But another five to ten minutes, and start coming actors Center of drama and directing: them is enough to fill a room. The last person surprised: “it is Rare for so many people. Well, let’s see what happens, what do you say…”

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Alertness, surprisingly, no more is in the air you could see the curiosity. Here the sitting is over and the hall is new artistic Director — Vladimir Pankov. In a dark purple shirt, with a beret. Smiling, glancing round at the audience. “Want to start” he says and all of a sudden famously makes the wheel. Explains: here it is, the starting point is the “wheel” as a symbol of eternal movement.

What happens next, more like a solo performance. Director and founder of the Studio (and genre) SounDrama first actor holds the attention perfectly. Said heartfelt, and seem very honest. Important topics — a rebranding of the theatre renovation, the new agenda for change premiere. However, promises a radical repertoire not to change: “All as planned. When you receive the new, the old is forced out — so be it”.

On the question of a possible postponement of the performances Optimi meets, I’d think — after a while they can move seamlessly to and fro. But not exactly a “Yard” is too large-scale production, running while in “Gogol-center”. Although the extent of Pankov’s not confused — he promises the troupe to dispatch all in their projects. The first draft of CDR — “Moscow — an open city. The transition”. The first production directed by Vladimir Pankov — a tribute to one of the founders of the theater of Alexey Kazantsev — the play on his play “Old house”. In addition, Pankow said he plans to start the system of actor training, and with the help of Olga Mikhailova and Elena Isaeva to attract young and talented playwrights, who will write specially to the troupe, taking into account its specificity and opportunities. The internship will also be collected a group of Directors of the theater, which will provide a platform for creative experimentation. In addition, the CBD will still “Ideas” magazine, created by a group of young journalists and theatre critics, which will also be a resident of the center.

Judging by the warm atmosphere, the troupe adopts a new head kindly. Punks shares a secret with each of the actors he met, had a dialogue “eye to eye”, because it’s important to him. “If we are together and there is interest, then, God forbid, it will be big. For us the main thing — not to squander, to be together. And remember about the good word “help,” punks drawn to the troupe, and she seems ready to help him.

About training the new head has told “MK” in detail:

— There will be four fundamental pillars: it is rhythmic, musical, acting, plastic training. We will continue to ride with master classes in Europe, eager to learn, to learn from each other. We will invite our European masters. It is important for me to do it, and it is crucial to invite young Directors.

Vladimir, you want to create on the basis of the center Director’s lab?

— I’m afraid of the word “laboratory” as the direction. Today, the word “laboratory” discredited as a word “entreprise”. Lately there have been a spate of these laboratories, which came to no avail.


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