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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Netherlands is prepared out of the EU and promised to lift sanctions against Russia

The Netherlands, where, after Brexit talking about the willingness to follow Britain to withdraw from the EU, can move from words to deeds. The third influence on the degree of party – freedom Party – prepares the project of the referendum, similar to the British. In case of success of the Dutch eurosceptics intend first and foremost to establish relations with Moscow and to remove anti-Russian sanctions. Do Nexit chances of success?

The freedom party, the Dutch party of eurosceptics and conservatives, represented the third largest faction in Parliament and a number of MEPs, working on a draft referendum on the exit of the Netherlands from the European Union. Comments about this newspaper “Izvestia” said a party leader Geert Wilders. According to him, in case of successful exit from the EU the Netherlands primarily intend to cancel the sanctions against Russia.

“This election will be the main “chip” of the freedom Party. But how to do that?”

“The welfare of our country depends on the independence and ability to make decisions. The events of recent months have shown that we should rather solve the issue with a referendum on EU membership. Brussels should not dictate with whom we have economic and political relations”, – said Wilders.

He added: “the Restoration of relations with Russia is a priority for traditionally a trading country, which has always been the Netherlands… Today remove sanctions is a necessary condition of our prosperous future”.

We will remind that earlier resolution on the necessity of lifting the sanctions against Russia were adopted by the parliaments of the four Italian regions (Veneto, Lombardy, Liguria, and Tuscany). In April the abolition of anti-Russian restrictive measures and encouraged the French national Assembly (lower house of the French Parliament). On 8 June the upper house – the Senate of France also adopted a resolution calling for the gradual relief of sanctions against Russia in parallel with the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

However, as noted by Geert Wilders, if the Dutch Parliament will vote for the adoption of the document, legally, this situation will not change, because in the EU the principle of the supremacy of EU law over the national legal system.

Necessary sovereignty can be achieved if the referendum about a possible exit of the Netherlands from the European Union, which has already coined the neologism Nexit – similar to the British Brexit.

Example is contagious


The French newspaper Liberation openly laughs over great Britain, representing not gained their freedom from the EU, and suspended in vozduhonosnye, a referendum on the British exit from the European Union, initiated by the British conservatives, first Party United Kingdom independence (UKIP) Nigel Faraj took place on 23 June. According to the results 51,89% of UK citizens voted to secede from the European Union, 48,11% voted against.

About a week after the success of Brexit Geert Wilders asked the Dutch Parliament to hold a referendum on leaving the EU. Then the initiative is not passed against the vote were made by 124 deputies, 14 parliamentarians. But Wilders intends to continue to engage on the topic.

Then the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reported that a petition calling to hold in the Netherlands, the referendum on leaving the EU scored 56 thousand votes. The petition appeared before a referendum in the UK. “Things got worse with the introduction of the Euro and the emergence of the European Union, which takes away from us the sovereignty and leads to the fact that our borders”, – stated in the petition.

Also we will remind that in the Netherlands this year have already passed a referendum on which citizens expressed the view conflicting attitudes from Brussels. 6 APR 61% came to the referendum, the Dutch voted against the Association of Ukraine and EU in spite of the agitation held both the official Brussels and the Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte. Such a reaction to the threat of further EU enlargement to the East may speak in favor of that proposed by Geert Wilders Dutch equivalent Brexit will find a positive response among the ordinary residents of the Netherlands.

We would add that the idea of leaving the EU became a subject of discussion and in some countries of “new Europe”. Following the UK to a referendum on his country’s exit from the EU on 1 July, also urged the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman.

However, it should be noted that the new British government, led by Theresa may, still dragging out negotiations on the real yield of the country from the EU. According to several British media reports, because of the reluctance of the authorities to start a real negotiating an exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union may not be held before the end of 2019.

In General, the reasons of dissatisfaction with the policies of the European Union in various European countries are the same. First and foremost, is the influx of immigrants, the second – economic problems, when Eastern Europe is dissatisfied with the killing of its own economy, and Western – the need to feed the countries of Eastern Europe. Not in last place and the reluctance of ordinary Europeans to spoil relations with Russia.

A pre-election trick

The Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov, who is now in the Netherlands, indicates that after Brexit and the acclaimed referendum on European Association of Ukraine in the Netherlands was carried out opinion polls on the attitudes of citizens to the idea to leave the EU. “In principle, “Brekzita” the number of skeptics was even greater. During the campaign for the Ukrainian referendum, the number of eurosceptics prevailed. But this horror story, frightening campaign in Britain “Broksita”, spread to the Dutch. Here I started to panic, once everyone started to tear their hair out about what will happen with the EU, with the British-Dutch relations. There was a slight advantage of proponents of the EU”, – said Kornilov newspaper VIEW.

Meanwhile, the expert said, the party of Wilders took first place in the rankings. From day to day kicks off election campaign, though unofficially it has already begun.

“The idea will be actively exploited during the elections. This is a major feature of the election of the freedom Party. But how to implement it? In fact, the current laws of the Netherlands do not allow to hold such a referendum on a popular initiative, as it was with Ukrainian referendum. Wilders will get votes, but do not form a majority and will not be able to realize their idea,” explained Kornilov.

States will include a handling machine

In turn, the political scientist, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Sergey Sudakov convinced that the situation after Brexit greatly influenced different communities within the EU, while it was not consolidation, but rather a split.

“Especially among young people there is a fear that they will be able to miss the process that will be irreversible. That is why the Netherlands now say that they want to initiate this project at the exit from the EU,” said Sudakov newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the practice shows that the minuses from the exit much more. “Cons streamlined, they can be solved. The problem is that the fear of the unknown prevails, many Europeans believe that the devil, who we know much better the devil we don’t know. Consequently, it is necessary to do otherwise. You need to wait and see what will happen, the right of divorce in Britain, and then, perhaps, if will be a good experience, we will follow their example. I therefore believe that this initiative will be an initiative to expectations, but not as an initiative that will be implemented”, – said Zander.

He explained that the United States has a powerful propaganda machine, and “is the United States opposed the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, the same will be held in the Netherlands.”

“States will include a handling machine that will prove to the public how it is profitable. By and large this initiative interesting and understandable. It suggests that integration can be from the point of view of removing borders, but not the adoption of a single political norms. Europe took not only economic barriers, but lost independence in making foreign policy. She became dependent on other, larger countries. Today the small countries of Europe one way or another are under the thumb of big countries, which is betting America: Germany, France and Italy”, – says Sergey Sudakov.


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