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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Minister of education in Russia for the first time becomes a woman

The Russian Cabinet of Ministers is a symbolic reshuffle: Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov received the position associated with interaction with Ukraine, and his successor for the first time in Russia was a woman. Olga Vasilyeva has outlined its main tasks at this post, and the analysts made assumptions about what to expect from the new Minister.

On Friday, President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to appoint a new head of the Ministry of education and science of Russia the employee of presidential administration Olga Vasiliev.

“Education is the humanitarian area, and to manage this area needs the Humanities”

Held the post of Minister Dmitry Livanov will be the President’s special representative on trade and economic relations with Ukraine. Vasiliev now holds the position of Deputy head of presidential administration on public projects.

“His experience should be used in other areas”

“Well, we will agree”, – Putin said, answering a proposal, which Medvedev announced at the meeting at the airport Belbek.

Putin paid tribute to Livanov, calling him a “man of character”. “Of course his experience should be used in other areas,” said the President, noting that Lebanon is a “man purely civilian, with extensive experience in government work”. “I think that his personal qualities will help in the construction, revival of economic ties with our neighboring country, what is important for us”, – said the head of state.

“With regard to diplomatic representative, Ambassador (Ukraine) – will talk separately, – said Putin. But the development of trade-economic ties must be the constant field of our attention”.

In turn, as transfers TASS, Medvedev, speaking and Others, stressed that “his experience will certainly be demanded, because it made a lot of new and useful in the system of the Ministry of education”. Among the merits of Livanov he said the development of secondary education, the reform of the Academy of Sciences and several others.

“She is able to implement these new tasks

According to Medvedev, Olga Vasilyeva “has a good track record.” She started as a teacher, then worked in system of Academy of Sciences, in the government and the presidential administration. “I think she is able to implement these new challenges” – concluded the Prime Minister. “In order to bring to life the ideas that were formulated, requires new approaches and new powers, and in some cases new people”, – said Medvedev.

Itself Vasiliev called his main task in his new post care teachers, “as the teacher is the key person in the process of education.” According to her, the teacher works with children fulfills a very important mission. “Today children, tomorrow we the people”, – she said to Interfax.

She believes that to help teachers in the solution of complex problems should the expert community, to take care of the financial situation of teachers. You need to rethink “what we already had. Russia has “a great experience of past generations, including the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.” According to her, in Russia it is necessary to improve the system of teacher training. Comment on possible personnel changes in the Department she did not. “Let’s meet after some time,” said Vasilyev.

“She’s your person in the sphere of education and science”

The Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov believes that Vasilyeva has everything for effective alignment of the work of the Ministry. He said that he knows her as a decent and professional person. “Olga Vasilyeva for a long time worked in the school system of Academy of Sciences, has taught at the University,” said Neverov, noting that “this is the case when a person combines knowledge in many fields”.

Neverov has noticed that this is the first in the history of Russia, when the Minister of education appointed a woman. “I think she’s got it all in order to launch the work of the Ministry. I hope that many of the problems we have in education will be solved”, – said Neverov.

In the same tones about Vasilyeva said the head of the presidential Administration on public projects Pavel Zenkovich, who stressed that she always defends the interests of science, is his own man in an educational environment. “Olga was one of my two deputies, and over 3.5 years of working together, I would highlight its main qualities: she’s an amazing expert, he worked as a teacher, an Institute teacher, head of Department, knows all the processes from the inside. It is your people in the field of education and science,” said Zenkovich, RIA “Novosti”.

According to him, Vasiliev perfectly communicates, including in education. “Yes, it’s a loss for us, but at the same time and honor. We with the Ministry of education cooperate closely. With her appointment, the Ministry gained a lot,” said Zenkovich.

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov also welcomed the appointment of a new Minister of education. “It’s no secret that the Academy of Sciences has developed a very complicated relationship with the Ministry of education and personally Livanov. Livanov was looking at the Academy of Sciences as a kind of Carthage that must be destroyed. This is wrong, we argued about it, we had no dialogue, it was not a smooth business relationship, we couldn’t get them to build. The new Minister, apparently people are very knowledgeable, since he worked in a place where information is centralized and the administration of the President could not help feeling what I said before. I hope we can work together, and we will do everything together to make common cause” – quoted Fortov “Vedomosti”.

Fortov not mind that the research interests of the new Minister of education – history of the Russian Orthodox Church, and he did not agree that science will go on a conservative path of development: “Our science is in a difficult position, the President and the Prime Minister is well aware, and they expect scientific complex real cases, and I welcome this decision.”

Humanity is management

Member of the Academy of political science, doctor of political Sciences Sergey Chernyakhovsky believes that in recent time, teachers are too overwhelmed by the need to fill “managerial” forms, and Olga Vasilyeva will be able to reverse this process.

“Unfortunately, in the former Ministry of education very few people had to do with the real educational institutions. Olga Vasilyeva, of course, is interesting because it is head of the Department of religious studies, has written numerous works on the history of religion, so I hope that she understands the educational process and will not overwhelm the teachers of the new “managerial” forms and unnecessary reports. Vasiliev gives the impression of a person able to listen and hear other people,” he explained.

Political scientist, lecturer at the HSE Oleg Matveychev indicates that in recent years, regrettably, teaching had been confined to report writing and simple communication, and educational function in schools and universities have been completely abandoned. “All this happened because management was in the hands of various “techies” and estestvennonauchniki. I have nothing against technical and natural Sciences, in their fields they are useful. But education is a humanitarian, and manage this area needs the Humanities” – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW.

The analyst also notes that the new Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva previously dealt with issues of patriotism, spiritual and moral education of youth at administration of the President and “United Russia”. “Vasiliev – a man, of course, authoritative in their environment. I hope that with her arrival on a post of the Minister of education will be returned to the high humanitarian mission,” he said.

With regard to the resignation of Dmitry Livanov, according to the analyst, a member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin, this is a typical fate of a man, to carry out global changes to any important industry. “Any radical reforms are always associated with losses from any change affects people, and often implementation of changes, the positive effect is often not always immediately obvious and visible. The final verdict of the education reform initiated Livanov, it will take time,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

As one of the indisputable achievements Livanov Zudin calls initiated with the elimination of the problem of the universities. “This campaign, as you know, is also not without scandals, but let’s face it – educational institutions, frankly stamping diplomas, scientific degrees become the object of sale, this creates future problems for society and for the economy and for national security”, – he explained. Improvement of the education system and culling of low-quality universities can be called, according to the expert, one of the undoubtedly positive initiatives Livanov.

Olga Vasilyeva from 2002 he worked in the Russian Academy of civil service, where he headed the Department of religious studies. Since 2012 – Deputy Director of the Department of culture in the government. In 2013, he joined the presidential administration, becoming Deputy head of Department on public projects. In this position, Vasiliev was involved in the implementation of projects in the sphere of education and interaction with non-profit organizations. Teaching conducted almost continuously, including the period of work in AP.

Dmitry Livanov was appointed Minister of education in the spring of 2012. Prior to being appointed the rector of National research technological University “MISIS”, which came from the post of Deputy head of the Ministry and education.

He was actively engaged in the development of secondary vocational education, advocated an increase in the number of College students and a reduction in the number of University students. That is why the reform of higher education has received a wide resonance in the society. The reform significantly reduced the number of universities – both private and public.

Smaller regional universities are United in supporting multidisciplinary universities, which should receive additional financial support from the state. At the same time, universities have begun to revoke the licenses. Livanov said that the monitoring results help to identify inefficient and in need of the reorganization of the school that will help prevent the emergence of “cowboy firms”. Lebanon urged to shut private universities and branches of state universities which cannot provide proper quality of education, promised to apply strict measures to the universities, not ready to raise the quality of teaching and their supervisors.

In 2015, the results of audits of the service were closed around 600 universities. In just two years of accreditation were lost about 1,1 thousand universities.


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