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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Russian tuberculosis declared the most dangerous in the world

A group of researchers from MIPT, Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur and the Ural research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology, came to the conclusion that the spread in Russia and neighbouring countries, tuberculosis is the most dangerous available today. Also, the experts speculated as to what explains the high rate of transmitting tuberculosis.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Tuberculosis is a very common disease, and although in the last century it is no longer considered incurable until now, this disease was deemed very dangerous. It is worth considering that different strains of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, can greatly differ, and, according to the scientists, the one that is most often found in the countries of the former Soviet Union, a concern of physicians in the first place. We are talking about a strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is only in Russia annually infects about 150 thousand people. Sometimes this strain is called “Peking”, because for the first time discovered he was in the capital of China.

In the study, experts have compared the Beijing strain with a number of others. As it turned out, it was characterized by 17 unique proteins, as 57, is inherent in the control culture of mycobacteria, in contrast, was absent. Other bacterial proteins contained in both cultures, albeit in different amounts.

Trying to understand what is the advantage of give bacteria the identified proteins, the scientists drew attention to the fact that they allow Mycobacterium tuberculosis to produce a greater quantity of long-chain fatty acids. These acids, in turn, make the waxy membrane of bacteria that allows it to survive and even multiply in the cells, its function is intended for its destruction in macrophages. That is, according to the researchers, and could make a strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as “effective”.

Scientific research dedicated to published in the journal Scientific Reports.


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