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Monday, March 19, 2018

Reindeer Glory came at the world premiere of the film

In Yakutsk, at the IV International film festival world premiere of the American documentary “Cold boundary”. To imagine it came from the taiga reindeer Fame. He had never visited the city.

photo: Svetlana Khokhlova

Crammed a whole room of spectators. All places is not enough. So the whole movie people stood in the aisles. Took a picture of Mikael Strandberg is an avid traveler, has traveled for 25 years in 125 countries. In 2004, he visited Chukotka. “It broke my life,” says Michael. — I fell in love with this region and wanted to return, wanted to make a film about the most free people on earth.” So he calls the reindeer herders. Yakutia loved to the point that the youngest daughter called the Yakut name Sardana. Michael was born in Northern Sweden, to cold, he is no stranger, but when the frost in the forest was under 70, even for him, this is extreme. “Cold frontier” made money on the American TV channel, not interested in seeing the film participated in the festivals. So the Yakut show was the first and the last.

A small group of brave souls went on a three-week journey: Egor Makarov Yakutian businessman, traveler, restaurant owner of Yakut national food and film producer (documentary competition film 24 snow”, which he produced and removed at your own expense), operator Yuri Berezhnev, Yakut blogger Bolot Bochkarev, the only one who speaks besides the English Director, and the Director Strandberg. Before meeting with the herders were driving in the car, the eyeballs loaded with food and other necessary belongings and then boarded a reindeer. The group was accompanied by four evens, including arriving for the premiere of the Glory of herder and his wife Victoria. Drove Yakutia, and then went on a dangerous journey in the Khabarovsk region. From there, and came to the premiere of Glory — a humble, silent man. No word he hasn’t said publicly. In the forest it is different. Recently he was attacked by a bear, which he did alone, with a gun 1953 and only three bullets.

The fact that the Swedish or any Western lover of extreme sports just a single adventure, even their daily life. Present at the screening of the Yakut surgeon, not time happened in those parts, told in a time of need live reindeer. In their boots is up to seven patches, and often both left or right. The people on the Prime Minister gathered the most different: from a Japanese Professor from Alaska to the daughter of the herders Venus Petrovna, who chose urban life.

Everyone was talking a lot, especially the Director. Only reindeer Fame, without which the film would not be silent. Told him arrived to the show a cousin of a resident of the city who prefer to rest exclusively in the tundra. It could be assumed that even Glory did not know Russian, but it turned out that he’s just so shy. When the people calmed down, we managed to talk.

— Not afraid of seeing yourself on screen? Usually people is a shock in such cases.

— No. But I was very worried about the deer, when he saw their death. Until we get to the Arch, some of our deer have died. When all of this was again seen in the film, remembered how it happened. Very hard.

— How much time did you get to Yakutsk? You first came to town?

— The whole day was reached. From the village was driving to Okhotsk, from Okhotsk was on a plane. I’ve never been in a big city. Interesting.

Yegor Makarov, it is often in the forest, and in the far corners where none of our documentarian has no way to get there, says that people there live very hard. An old man with salt and flour came from taiga to the village 120 kilometers. Drink a Cup of tea and come back. “Last year, the daughter of Glory and Vicki was five months old,” says Egor, and they came for food from the taiga in 70-degree weather. The child is with them living in such conditions. And now the Glory is increasing two-month son. While he was in Yakutsk, and his wife in the village. From there they’ll go into the forest, where only once a year. When the woman became pregnant in the forest, only three days before the birth she was taken to the hospital. Slippers and Bathrobe were not. Apple to buy it. I had to hammer three of the fat deer to a helicopter to pay”.

According to the blogger Swamps, the Americans had the idea to make a fun adventure Swede in Siberia, but along the way things changed. And in four years, while there was a montage, all the husk is peeled off. In the foreground were the herders. “When we were with the glory of the met, recalls the Swamps — it was the same as it is now. And we had to be with him in the forest, everything — it was a completely different person. When we left, Glory said, “Oh! Without you will be boring.” And while we were driving, he was laughing at us. Such as he are called the taiga people. They really are. They have there a completely different world”.

But now, in the foreground still Swedish Director. He is always present in the frame and share their experiences. Anywhere from it not going anywhere. But the world is just so fascinating that all costs of production are not able to ruin. Took it off the Yakut operator Yuri Berezhnev is a quiet and modest man. Ask him how managed to pull off in this cold. Meets that hands were removed, kept the camera in the case. As if so simple. Mikael Strandberg advises him to move from Yakutsk to Europe, with such talent it is the whole world will win. Beresnev listens to him and keep quiet. Such conversations appear to him must be some sort of a fairy tale.


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