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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Proven that obesity is not harmless to the body

A group of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and University of Copenhagen in Denmark, has announced that prevalent 15 years ago, the concept of healthy from a metabolic standpoint, obesity does not have sufficient scientific basis. According to experts, in fact, “healthy obesity” does not exist as such.

photo: pixabay.com

Supporters of the theory of metabolically healthy obesity are of the opinion that nearly a third of people suffering from excess weight have problems with metabolism and do not need additional medical care. The experts decided to test how close to the truth this theory, one and a half decades, gradually gaining popularity.

In the new study involved 65 people, of which 50 were obese (but had a pretty good metabolism), and 15 were not overweight nor at the time of participation in the experiment…… The scientists took from the abdominal region participants white adipose tissue, and then injected into their body a certain amount of insulin and glucose, and two hours later took a biopsy again. While experts wondered how the body of various parties will react to the injection.

As it turned out, high sensitivity to insulin had a 21 and a low of 29 study participants, who had the extra weight. However, experts argue that at the level of gene expression response of all volunteers who suffered from obesity were similar among themselves and different from the one that showed a more “slender” members. The difference in reaction, as scientists say, is due not to differences in metabolic rate or factors such as blood pressure and heart rate. Of this, the specialists concluded that the deviation from the norm in some way directly provoked by excess weight, and so those volunteers who possessed them, from a medical point cannot be fully equated with those whose weight corresponds to the modern notions of normal.

The scientists published their work in the journal Cell Reports.


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