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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Period the super-rich of officials in Russia is coming to an end

Igor Sechin has filed a lawsuit against “Novaya Gazeta”, who claimed that his wife could belong to one of the largest yacht in the world – Rosneft declare a custom campaign against its leadership. Attack on Sechin really is, but it is worth considering why get such a response fanned the history of property of officials and leaders of state-owned companies.

In stories with a personal fortune and property of Russian officials has two of the most loud and constantly repeating the name-patronymic. Igor Ivanovich is the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and the head of Rosneft Sechin. No matter what Sechin is not a government official and the head of the company, which formally is not even a Corporation – all the same society it is perceived as a man of power.

“The problem is “rich in power” is indeed one of the most painful in Russia”

Many of the “revelations” Shuvalov and Sechin really are a customized character, and they can explain where they got their money for a huge apartment, planes (in the case of Shuvalov) or a Charter (in the case of Sechin).

Yes, Shuvalov earned money and became the owner of several companies before leaving the civil service in 1997, and then transferred them to a trust, and further, successful investments had increased its capital – at least so everything is formalized.

Yes, Sechin with the annual awards and bonuses are given to more than a million dollars a month – and, given that he’s the head of one of the largest oil companies in the world, a major shareholder of which is still “British petroleum”, it is not inflated earnings.

But the problem is finding itself in positions of leadership of the rich people makes our society increasingly heartburn. What exactly is this trying to take advantage of both our external enemies and domestic opponents of Putin who is on a “revolution”, it is clear and visible to the naked eye – but that doesn’t negate the fact that the problem is “rich in power” is indeed one of the most painful in Russia.

Society to instill the idea that all officials are thieves, which is not only untrue, but directly refuted by increasingly tough measures the Kremlin to combat corruption. But the problem is that large part of society has almost formed a firm idea of what those in power are very rich people who use power to enrich working on a “power – money – power”. That is, people want to see the power of honest and poor officials, managers of the Soviet type, despite the fact that the economy itself we have not government-planned and functioning according to market rules. This request is not going anywhere – and you need to understand whether he is the motion vector of the Russian government and Russia itself.

When the current officials accused wild enrichment or a huge legitimate earnings in state-owned corporations or state-owned companies somehow forgotten how to change the principles of formation of the Russian nomenklatura and its income since 1991. But realizing that she lived earlier and living now, you can assume and how it will live tomorrow.

Gaidar formed a new managerial elite of the 90s, in principle, not living on a salary – they divided the state, in which several Ministers became oligarchs (Aven, Potanin), and others have received smaller pieces. Then the oligarchy he began to place his people in the government that is formed is typical of capitalism, the situation when money talks, who is the power in the country.

With the arrival of Putin to the Kremlin has created a situation of dual power – the new President was to oust the appointees or allies of the oligarchy, and giving the state a real control over the economy, the banking system and the process of governance.

Dual power in one form or another continued for the most part a zero – with the steady decrease in the influence of oligarchs on state power. Capitalism has become oligarchic state – in this part of the old bureaucratic elites reforged on the fly and began to work for the state, not the “customer”.

But a bunch of “official – business” was not completely eliminated. First, after translation of the greater part of state-owned (including those returned to the state) in the format of state corporations or companies in which the state has a controlling stake, there still is the possibility of kickbacks and corruption schemes. Secondly, the bureaucracy was divided into ordinary and goscorporation – huge official earnings for the second is not very clear was how to ask on all severity from the first of their officially low, at the level of the average wage in Moscow, jobs.

Therefore, the government essentially turned a blind eye to the fact that the officials have been very successful wives, businessmen and other “sources of income”. Besides the generation officials have passed 90-e, that is, for the most part “tainted” – and the fact that they worked primarily for the state, already seen as a move in the right direction.

In recent years, began a new phase – a real tightening of the code of conduct of officials. The fight against corruption and conflict of interest, a sharp increase of salaries of government officials and serious perks and benefits, all of this should form the coming again to the civil service normal, healthy attitude. Earlier in the work of authorities were attracted by the possibility of illicit enrichment and, accordingly, there was a certain type of people – now the main motivation should be healthy and Patriotic career ambitions.

Yes, surprisingly for the cynics, the country is full of capable people who want to work for the benefit of Russia and not only to consume more and more. Yes, the officials, the more senior should be a big salary and various privileges and guarantees – in exchange for unconditional clean hands. Yes, this process is long and complex – but there remains no alternative. And Yes, these new officials will have apartments in London and planes – but it would be appropriate if they are provided by government planes and decent living conditions.

Because there may not be any savings on the high-ranking officials – the people have a huge responsibility, people who from Russia in talks with foreign banks or sovereigns, the people, depends on the distribution of budget funds, should live much above average. They don’t have to be multimillionaires – so they will not gain from their environment, and the opportunity to become an oligarch, working for the government, they simply will not (as, indeed, the oligarchs themselves).

Those who think that it is a utopia and people incorrigible, it may be recalled that in the Soviet years quite successfully managed to educate a new generation of managers – Patriotic, honest and professional. And there is no reason to believe that we are not able to cope with this task. Especially when a huge importance and it is understood by the Kremlin, and the people who have the strength to stop us?


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