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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In the campaign headquarters trump have suspected Clinton of severe brain disease

As writes the American press, Donald trump has pulled the “last trump”: the representative of his campaign said that the opponent is trump, Hillary Clinton cannot take the post of head of state due to brain disease.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

In an interview with MSNBC, the press Secretary of the campaign of Donald trump, Katrina Pierson said that the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s health will not be able to occupy such a high position. According to Pearson, Clinto allegedly suffers from dysphasia. This disease is caused by trauma to the brain, which over time destroys a person’s ability to speak and understand speech.

Pearson noted some problems with the speech from Clinton. The campaign of Republican trump tied “disease” Clinton’s recent fall. According to her, in their speeches, Clinton often makes stops and reports the observations of her behavior, or manners… “there are very interesting things”, quoted by Pearson publishing Hill.

In turn, the newly appointed campaign Manager of trump Cellini Conway in an interview with the same TV channel said that of any violations in the speech, Clinton will become clear after the next debate. “I can’t say anything because I’m not a doctor. But let’s wait for the debates and just watch. Because I’m sure it can, exactly can win,” said Conway.

It is worth noting that the trump repeatedly said that Clinton does not have sufficient stamina to be President of the United States.

Read content: social networking cringed because of physical infirmity Hillary Clinton

The conclusion of a psychiatrist: Donald trump has called a dangerous lunatic


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