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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Election show: way to the heart of voter rammed the armored car

Which only tricks are not running candidates in deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation to be lost against others.

photo: mskagency.ru

For example, Vladimir Lakeev, the independent candidate on one-mandatory district Babushkinsky, arrived on a meeting with inhabitants of Alekseevsky area on a real armored car. The candidate himself calls such meetings are “regular”. Still mi kotoyre spend many candidates running independently. and the lists of political parties. “This is happening all over the country,” said a footman. Such meeting him “much give: candidates learn from voters about problems in the neighborhoods, and those, in turn, on the proposed programs.

Last week, we had a dozen such encounters in yards, parks, – says Vladimir Lakeev, – without parliamentary authority, but having the status of a candidate, you can request the information that will be useful for people”.

Meetings are held “chamber”: according to the candidate, going 10-15 people. Probably that is why Vladimir Lakeev has decided to draw attention to yourself with heavy artillery. “Today, here all normally, except for this unusual car, which gave us our friends. The main goal is to remind people of what lies ahead in 2017, and so the centenary of the great October socialist revolution”.

The slogans were picked up on the revolutionary theme: in addition to Cheers, the October revolution”, the Lackeys included in the election program is actually the reincarnation of the Soviet Union and demands “the nationalization of the banks with saving deposits, the introduction of a progressive scale of taxes, nationalization of commercial networks. “And the main goal of our program is a classless society, to which mankind sooner or later will come, because the productive forces, the scientific and technical potential of people pushing to manage it, was collectively. Under capitalism it is impossible.”

The armored car was had by the inhabitants of far greater interest than the election Declaration of the United Communist parties. While the candidate was published in the mouthpiece of their theses, the locals made selfi on the background of the BRDM-2.


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