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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ukrainian security forces justified the torture of their colleagues

Two major law enforcement agencies of Ukraine – the Prosecutor General’s office and anti-corruption Bureau (NEB) is trying to make amends for the consequences of loud even on the background of the Ukrainian mess scandal. Employees of one Agency right in the centre of Kiev was beaten and tortured by their colleagues from another. The scandal is politically motivated, related to the conflict of Ukrainian elites.

The head of the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and the Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Sytnyk Thursday in Kiev together went to the press to announce the reconciliation of the two departments. According to them, the investigation of production brought the NABOO and the GPU in the result of the unfolding of the recent conflict will be transferred to a third force – the security Service of Ukraine.

“Don’t expect interference in this situation American heavyweights, which really could correct it, as it were, for example, in the conflict Poroshenko and Kolomoisky

However, journalists drew attention to the fact that directly into the briefing Lutsenko and Sytnik argued. It is noteworthy that during the briefing by the two security forces were American lawyer of Ukrainian descent and former assistant of the U.S. attorney Bohdan vitvitsky, who advises the state office of public Prosecutor.

Lutsenko admitted that during the argument with subcontractors of his subordinates still broke the law. “I believe that there are signs of abuses by all parties to the conflict”, – Lutsenko admitted, noting that both departments would try such a conflict not to repeat.

As the newspaper VIEW, the open quarrel between the two agencies broke out on 5 August, when prosecutors called special forces “alpha” to get to search in the building of the NABOO, where they have refused. On Friday 12 August the quarrel had reached its climax. Press Secretary Lutsenko Larisa Sargan later told that on this day, investigators found a surveillance that is unknown were behind the building of the Prosecutor’s office with stationary post located at the following address: symona petlyury street, 7/9. There was carried out the removal of information about the actions of prosecutors”. Employees of GPU tried to get to this safe house, and then arrived at the scene, the special forces of NABOO.

As complained then the head of the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the economic sphere of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Gutsulyak, special forces of NABOO beat the three employees of the Prosecutor’s office. “Tied up, used the techniques of unarmed combat… (It was) the people who were with employees of NABOO,” – quoted by Huculak edition “Mirror of week. Ukraine”. – Most likely, these groups are their physical protection… Three employees of the Prosecutor General’s office received injuries”.

NABU initially called the incident “a freelance work situation”. “On August 12 during covert surveillance of the object in one of the criminal proceedings investigated by the detectives of the NABOO in the room, in which were the staff of the Bureau, tried to get the Prosecutor’s office, who perceived these investigations as self-observation”, – reported the press service of NABOO.

But then in the NEB acknowledged that really followed by prosecutors “in the framework of several criminal proceedings”. Meanwhile, the scene of the attack of special forces on prosecutors announced the TV channel “Star”. As it turned out, even before the arrival of special forces officers, the GPU still managed to drive to his building, two employees of operative-technical division of NABOO.

Torture on the street.

The scene draws to UNIAN news Agency, it looks like not the communication of colleagues from related departments, and Kiev of the times of Simon Petlyura. Members of the GPU “for 11 hours without a Protocol of detention kept” colleagues from NABOO. Employees of NABU was subjected to beatings, threats, psychological pressure, – at least so they told me after they were released. Moreover, the torture was attended personally by the head of Department of the Prosecutor General for investigation of criminal cases in the sphere of economy Dmitry WM.

August 15, the NEB released the video of the story of its employees. One of them recalls: “I turned around. And he’s knocked in the jaw area and neck with a palm. In my ears rang. I started to fall and felt another kick in the ribs. When I started to sit down, I took the package on his feet wore black and was in a black baseball cap said, “Well what are you going to say?”. They say: “Nothing without a lawyer will not”. Someone shouted, “got it.” Saw sick in the cap of the knife. Attacked, began to hold. And began to bring the knife to the eye”.

August 16, the Ukrainian portal “Country” published “temniki” (secret installation), presumably trained in the administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko. Loyal to the head of state public opinion leaders were asked “to disperse social networks and ester thesis” that there is no conflict.

“And all the problems came from the fact that the law is not clearly drawn boundaries of competence between the two agencies that often overlap. Moreover, in order to smooth the conflict, during which prosecutors captured two employees of the NABU and tortured them, the head of the GPU, and the NEB will hold a private meeting on Wednesday, August 17,” – said the portal.

Plus, the American lawyer

Indeed, on Wednesday Lutsenko and Sytnik held talks, which were attended by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky and the already mentioned Bohdan vitvitsky. As reported by the attorney General, before he met with President Poroshenko.

While Lutsenko agreed with Sytnik, near his residence, was going to a rally with a demand to dismiss Sousa and his colleagues. “The anti-corruption Bureau and the attorney General’s race needs to investigate the actions of Sousa and all who took part in that shameful action. According to my data, in that room even went Deputy Prosecutor General Stolyarchuk. If all of this information on torture are confirmed, they should not be expelled from the General Prosecutor’s office, they should go to jail for abuse of power, ‘” said one speaker – the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption Yegor Sobolev.

Unlike Sobolev, Lutsenko believes that his Deputy Yuriy Stolyarchuk, too, knew nothing. “And this is unacceptable”, – quotes its “Interfax-Ukraine”. This was also stated at a briefing on Thursday. Lutsenko was justified by the fact that he was on a business trip, but the incident was learned at all “from the media”. Who is guilty in the conflict, according to Lutsenko, now it should set the result of the SBU, “to prevent a repetition”. The attorney General called unacceptable the hostility between colleagues. “Masks-show between the security forces must be stopped, ‘” said Lutsenko.

Lutsenko, in turn, acknowledged that his subordinates at least psychologically pressured detainees not immediately complied with his order to release staff to NEB. He added that the police agreed to continue to warn each other about the use of special forces.

Sytnik made it clear that he is nothing to repent. “The production, which was carried out secret investigative actions, remain in the National anti – corruption Bureau- and it will continue to be investigated before making a final decision”, – quotes the portal Корреспондент.net. He stressed that the NAB did not give grounds for conflict and worked in the legal field.

“Ersatz-team” little did not think

Ukrainian society was not greatly shocked to learn about the torture in the center of Kiev, right in the Central building of the Prosecutor General, believe Kiev experts.

“People from the Soviet era pretty much used to it that the security forces can use violence in such cases. But of course, this fact has disgraced the office of Prosecutor General, the more that was very strange set of people who participated in this story – sent from Volyn, Khmelnytsky. Some “ersatz team,” – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

The experts also has a low score and intellectual level “ersatz-team”, who decided to use torture, although one could guess that the victims still have very soon let go and the whole story will come out. “I do not exclude that it worked “the effect of the contractor,” – said Bortnik.

“In terms of information conflict until a winner Sytnik, supported by the newspaper “Ukrainian truth” and a Pro-Western oriented mass media. But the tactical and legal victory today left for Lutsenko because decided controversial cases to pass the SBU, which remains in partnership with the state office of public Prosecutor,” – said Bortnik.

“While the confrontation between the Prosecutor General and the NAB will go in the undercover phase, then there will be a draw. But it’s a zero-sum game, and ultimately both will be discredited,” said a Kyiv expert.

In the background of this dispute lies not with the hardware, and political competition, said Bortnik. “From a political point of view it is a conflict of Ukrainian elites old and new Western. Lutsenko dramatically closer to Poroshenko. For NABOO are Western partners, who invested in its creation and the political and financial capital, as well as the group of deputies – “Euro-optimists”, oriented to the West, those who are trying to create a new political force on the basis of the party “Democratic Alliance”, – said the expert.

In his opinion, at a joint briefing of the two statesmen not accidentally sat next to the American Bohdan vitvitsky. More recently, Washington was actively involved in any political controversy in Kiev. Vice President Joe Biden and assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland personally had made his predecessor Lutsenko Viktor Shokina.

“But now the Americans are not up to it. In their homeland the presidential election campaign, so opportunities for intervention are limited. So do not expect intervention in the situation of the American heavyweights, which really could correct it, as it were, for example, in the conflict Poroshenko and Kolomoisky”, – reminded the Kiev political analyst.


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