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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ukrainian officials well-earned on strengthening the border with Donbass

From day to day, Ukraine to complete the construction of fortifications at the delimitation line in the Donbass. Over a billion hryvnias dug one and a half thousand kilometers of trenches and tunnels, thousands of trenches, built 60 kilometers of a non-explosive boom. From modern weapons such structures will not save, but in their construction, many could make a lot of money.

On Monday, the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the construction of fortifications at the delimitation line in the Donbass will be completed on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, their construction has been much delayed. But, nevertheless, I want to say that this is already the final stage, and by July 15 the aim is to finish the construction of all three lines of defense of the borders”, – he told in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“The main task of the fortifications – geopolitical. It is a symbol which shows, they say, this is our territory, and behind it the enemy”

“Job done improperly”

Last week to complete the work on time required by the initiator of the idea – the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who calls the project a new Mannerheim line. He also said that in General he has no serious objections to the construction. Recall that initially the Ukrainian authorities also planned to build on the border with Russia a solid wall, but due to the lack of funds was forced to abandon the idea.

“It creates a serious government Commission, July 15, starts receiving these facilities. But who will not keep within a certain period, or if the Commission composed of representatives of the Ministry of defense, the General staff and the NSDC will come to the conclusion that the work is done improperly, the person responsible for the construction of not below the Deputy heads of administrations will be removed from office,” – said Turchinov.

He also noted that the fortifications is a serious engineering design. Tasks, for example, reinforced concrete emplacements and objects of shelter – to withstand a direct hit by a mine or artillery shell,” said he, adding that the system should be able to reflect not only the militia but the regular army.

In the beginning of the month Turchynov reported that the construction of these structures is about 48 million dollars (about 1 billion), and their task is to “stop any attack of the enemy and to create the preconditions for a powerful response.

The authorities have started to equip the line of demarcation along the zone of hostilities in the autumn of last year. Initially the work was scheduled for completion in may this year.

As for information that would give an idea of the full scope of work, then it is classified. It is known that Kiev planned the construction of about 300 of the fortifications. Last week it was reported that 100 support points completely ready. This work is carried out by the armed forces in collaboration with certain local authorities. Each of the 21 regional administration performs a certain amount of work. The main volume is about one and a half thousand kilometers of trenches and moves messages more than eight thousand trenches for equipment, over four thousand bunkers, and creating a 60-kilometer non-explosive boom.

At the end of last week during a conference call of the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Gennady Zubko praised Vinnytsia oblast for implementation of construction. The Governor of the region Valery Cow announced that the region is building nine sites in the third line of defense.

The first construction of buildings was completed at the end of June, Dnipropetrovsk oblast. To implement the plan, three concrete products plant worked around the clock. It was noted that these structures – “a complex set of reference points and engineering obstacles, trenches and special shelters for equipment and personnel”.

The large amount of work went to the builders of the Kharkiv region, which was built 31 points in Kiev-controlled territory of Luhansk region. Distance along the entire length is about 200 km was used 3007 concrete structures. Last Friday it was reported that the region has not completed 50% of work required. Thus, the leadership of the region might get a criticism from Kiev.

Those who can not cope with the work, the Central government punished. In early may, the head of the Donetsk and Transcarpathian state administrations Oleksandr Kikhtenko and Vasyl Hubal were reprimanded for the failure time. In early June, Poroshenko said that the worst case with the construction of the situation in the Donetsk region. In addition, dissatisfaction with the Governor expressed the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which gave occasion to appear rumors about the imminent resignation of the Governor, then the officer was indeed fired. “The contractor is a relative of one of the deputies. The name of the Deputy – Taruta”, – said the President.

We will remind, Alexander Taruta, co – owner of Mariupol design and construction company “Azovinteks”. He was engaged in the construction of fortifications, when the Donetsk oblast was headed by his brother. At the end of June the new Donetsk Governor Pavlo zhebrivskyi said that the construction 95% completed.

“Geopolitical structure”

The Deputy corps commander defense Ministry of DNR, Eduard Basurin in comments to the newspaper OPINION noted that Ukraine is really already finished construction. “At the moment already built a third line of fortifications. If they money is not stolen, then, in principle, unable to finish the construction of the facilities until July 15. If they have no other problems and have nowhere else to put the money, let them build it. Any line of defense is not useless – useless thrown to the wind money,” – said Basurin. “All this can be resolved peacefully”, – he added.

The political scientist, Director of Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin, in comments the newspaper VIEW stressed that defenses have geopolitical meaning.

“It created a deep, layered line of defence. However, the effectiveness of these structures under a big question. If they beat from “Hurricane”, “Pinocchio” or “the city”, it is impossible. Ridiculous to even talk about it. On the contrary, inside of these structures even faster will die. In short, modern weapons systems such defenses can’t save. Moreover, if applied to aircraft, it is as dead poultices. On the other hand, the tanks pass the defense line is difficult,” – said Soskin.

The source added that the main purpose of these structures is to define the watershed. “The main goal is geopolitical. It is a symbol which shows, they say, this is our territory, and behind it the enemy. The point is that the region is almost completely separated from the “mother” part of Ukraine. On this part of the Constitution of Ukraine, and everything beyond – no man’s land, not the Russian area, not Ukrainian, and enemy territory,” – said the expert.

Oleg Soskin no doubt that during the construction of these structures took place in a huge money laundering. “Turchynov and Yatsenyuk are masters at it. Especially with such a construction, when there is digging and using concrete blocks – here you can steal up to 70% of the money. I think that Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and company on this well earned tens of millions of dollars”, – the expert believes.

Talk about the fact that a missed deadline will be the reason for the resignations of high officials, the expert believes untenable. “In General, all statements Turchynov is empty balabolstvo. He did a great talker, gray and fearful person, I know with the 90-ies. As was a gray mouse, and left. Everything else is a simple inflation of the lips,” said the analyst. From all this, according to Soskin, implies that the conflict in Ukraine is getting worse, the Minsk agreements are not worth the paper on which they are written. The source predicts the worsening situation on the contact line.


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