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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Turkey has taken the atomic bomb “eleven presidents” for bad behavior Erdogan

So after all, the US exports its nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania or not? About this morning all day arguing the world online edition. The truth nobody never found out. In any case, official sources of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Romania repudiate this. But by Thursday evening with a mysterious message appeared and the Pentagon representative Patrick Evans, who said that “the Ministry of defense neither confirms nor denies the existence or absence of nuclear weapons in Turkey or Romania.” Why come out with such vague language is all a mystery.

photo: kremlin.ru

However, according to experts, there is no smoke without fire. At the Pentagon, after a serious cooling of friendship between Washington and Ankara, it is reasonable to assume that twenty nuclear B-61 bombs, reported the online edition of Euroactiv and which until recently was allegedly stored at the Incirlik air base in Turkey, the stock of Romanian Deveselu air base will be stored safer.

But what kind of weapons, because of which all cheese-pine forest?

“MK” recently talked about it in great detail. Recall: atomic bomb b-61 is an old atomic bomb, and is so ancient that it is sometimes called a bomb eleven presidents. However, this only proves that it can be attributed to the most successful weapons that have successfully operated for decades. In this case, regularly extended its service life, but at the expense of modernization – improved combat characteristics.

A similar example of such a successful weapon of the American strategic bomber b-52, which was built in 1962 and is still flying in the US air force. About the same time and created a tactical thermonuclear B61 bomb, which is currently considered the main weapon of the US army in its class.

The history of the bombs of the B61 began in 1960. The military then wanted to get the bomb, which could be reset at different speeds, with different heights and different media. She had to weigh no more than 700-800 pounds and carry a thermonuclear charge variable power. The first bomb to meet these military requirements, scientists have created by October 1966, and in 1967 the troops have already received the first production sample.

The weapon was considered very secret. The official name of the bomb aloud never uttered at meetings or in telephone conversations. Among the officers called it the “silver bullet”, as this tactical fusion thing really looked like – it had a cylindrical body with a silver conical nose fairing.

Length bomb first modification of the B61-0 was 3.6 m with a diameter of 33 cm, the Total weight was 700 pounds (about 320 kg). But later created a new modification, during which a few were varied as weight and dimensions, remained important: the bearers of this weapon could be heavy bombers, and fighter-bombers and tactical aircraft.

Military characteristics of the bomb allowed her to work in different modes. For example, the undermining of the warhead could occur at a predetermined altitude, and at the moment of contact with the ground. Moreover, in order for the aircraft carrier had to leave the hazardous area, the explosion occurred with a delay of 80 seconds after touching the surface. Later, there were even reported to have a modification of the B61 with a robust housing.

Just while B61 is in service with the US army, was released 3155 of these ten bombs of various modifications. Each new version was improving combat performance and extend the service life. But by 2002 it was decommissioned more than 1,900 units B61, although not less than 1200 pieces, were still in warehouses. Including, as we now know, and in Turkey, the Incirlik air base.

And just recently the National office of nuclear security (NNSA) stated that the old bomb b-61 will be subjected to a major upgrade. Based on it actually will create a new nuclear weapons that will last at least another 20 years.

It was reported that the new bomb will get a new tail section, where is located the ultra-modern guidance system. With the help of satellite navigation and steering wheels new

the bomb can hit targets with high precision that will eliminate the need to equip it with weapons of high power. The new B61-12, according to experts, will have the warheads capacity of 0.3 CT, a 1.5 CT, 10 CT or 50 CT.

Simultaneously, has already begun under her, and modernization of aircraft carriers. This primarily fighter-bombers F-35. For them it was decided to adapt the fighter-bombers “Tornado” of the military part of the German and the Italian air force and the Belgian, Dutch and Turkish F-16A/B. Earlier it was reported that 20 such bombs will first be placed on the büchel air base in Rhineland-Palatinate, after which they will be deployed in Turkey and Italy.

Now, judging by the leaks, the plans of the NATO leadership regarding the placement of the new B61-12 has changed. However, relative to the old B61 — too. Turkey now will get them very soon. If ever get.


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