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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The rear was at the forefront of

Large-scale exercises of the troops of logistics are in the South of Russia. They involve more than two thousand people, 350 pieces of equipment and even two trains. The main purpose of the exercise is security forces in the unrest is now South-West direction.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

The first stage of the exercises took place in the Volgograd region on the Volga and landfills Prudboy.

Here the railway troops had to restore a damaged pontoon bridges to them was able to get armored and military echelon. And armored with the names “Cupid” and “Baikal” came from the backup path for the first time in 15 years.

The August heat, standing on the ground, the temperature dropped 30 degrees and calm — was an additional complicating factor for our military. Soldiers in full gear — body armor, helmets and weapons — froze in position. It is best felt camouflaged in the shadow of the military, covering the pontoon crossing.

Three loud explosions, smoldering bridge, gunfire — the exercises began. It was a flying aircraft — su‑24 bombers destroyed several spans of the floating bridge.

The sounds of gunfire and explosions, units of the MTO left “to patch holes” caused by the aircraft. While some people are “treated the bridge with a length of 400 meters, the other practiced alternative methods of moving heavy equipment across the river.

Once on the opposite Bank was transferred two lorries, started a “chip exercise”. Armored train “Cupid”, painted in white and green color with a bright inscription “Railway troops”, as if reluctantly went on a pontoon ferry. Then, issuing a victorious tone, he crossed to the other side. Behind him, already more cheerful, over the bridge went the trucks and armored vehicles.

The second train was covering the actions of the troops on the ground Prudboy.

Evaluating, at the request of the correspondent “MK” the first phase of the exercise, Deputy defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov smiled: “I welcome. The exercises were worked out the difficult task of transporting heavy equipment in the shortest possible time, and our guys dealt with it”.

The second stage of the exercises were even more spectacular. The action shifted to the newly constructed airfield Krymsk.

Here were worked out the most relevant and challenging for our troops objectives: the elimination of the consequences of the RAID, the fire on the plane, evacuation of pilots, massive withdrawal of aircraft from striking, and the pilots worked one of the most difficult elements — take-off collision course.

Perhaps the most striking episode was the evacuation of the pilot, according to legend, had ejected in an unfamiliar area. The pilot identified a landing site emergency smoke bright orange color. Just a few minutes over this place ten meters above the ground hovering rescue helicopter Ka‑27. Side door moved, there was a rope on which to distress the pilot descended to the rescue. Literally in a matter of seconds he was attached to the harness of the pilot. On the winch a couple of guys as a feather, lifted the Ka-27. “Spinner”, typing speed, left the place of evacuation.

At this time, the ground troops of the newly created 10th of the repair of the regiment together with the specialists of the military-industrial enterprises were restored with a technique that, on a legend of doctrines, suffered on the battlefield.

For example, the men “under heavy fire” were taken from the battlefield “Grad”, self-propelled “Msta‑s” and anti-aircraft missile complexes “Strela‑10”, dragged the heavy equipment in the field repair shops.

As told by Bulgakov, such repair and restoration shelf, already proven, will be formed in all military districts. The first of them, stationed in the Krasnodar region, the Deputy Minister handed over the battle flag.


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